Tiller is Recommended by Microsoft

Microsoft is recommending Tiller to all users of Money in Excel and subscribers of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Excel is the most popular software for tracking money in the world.

About 750 million people use Excel. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has referred to the spreadsheet software as the company’s “most important consumer product.”

It’s estimated as many as 80% of Excel’s small business users depend on it to track their finances.

Tiller’s personal finance service is recommended by Microsoft 

Microsoft is recommending Tiller to all users of Money in Excel and subscribers of Microsoft 365. 

Microsoft’s recommendation was recently announced in an email and FAQ, and also via in-app message to all Money in Excel users.

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Tiller 💚 Microsoft Excel

With Tiller, customers can track their daily spending, account balances, budgets, and net worth in their Excel workbooks without data entry or logging into multiple accounts. 

All of Tiller’s features are available for Excel:

  • Tiller Money Feeds – Connect 21,000 banks to to your workbook and import your daily spending and account balances with a click
  • Foundation Template – Automatically track your spending trends, budgets, net worth, and account balances in one flexible spreadsheet
  • Daily Account Summary Email – Review your latest posted transactions and balances in a quick morning email
  • Dedicated Excel User Community – With tips, templates, and advice from fellow Tiller customers
  • AutoCat, the only fully customizable auto-categorization engine for Excel
  • Top-rated, U.S.-based customer support
  • Tiller Community Solutions – with new templates and workflows added weekly
Spending Trends Dashboard for Excel
Spending Trends Dashboard for Microsoft Excel

Keep a clear, confident view of your money

“Tiller welcomes all Microsoft 365 subscribers,” said Peter Polson, CEO of Tiller. “Millions of people love Microsoft Excel, and so does our team. By offering full support for Excel, we can accelerate our mission of helping people feel greater confidence and control of their money, lives, and futures.”

“I also smile because my job working on Microsoft Money in 1994 was the seed crystal that started Tiller. By 2015 or so, I was wondering… ‘why hasn’t the state of the art for personal finance evolved much since Microsoft Money circa 1994?’ With that we created Tiller.”

Peter Polson Microsoft Money
Tiller founder Peter Polson’s badge from when working on Microsoft Money

“With full support for Excel, our customers can more easily manage their money, their way, with all their accounts updated in one place, flexible reporting, customizable categories, and uncompromising privacy. We’re certain fans of Excel will fall in love with Tiller.”

About Tiller

Tiller is the only automated personal finance service built on Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, combining the ease of an app with the power of spreadsheets. Tiller provides customers with a clear view of all their finances in one place, flexible templates, a vibrant user community, top-rated customer support, strict privacy, and no ads.

Tiller’s team is driven by a mission to help people gain greater confidence and control of their financial lives, guided by the conviction that money matters because life matters more.

Edward Shepard

Edward Shepard

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"There isn’t another tool on the market that does what Tiller can do.”
Will Hinton, Google Review October 30, 2023