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Instantly automate any Google Spreadsheet with a daily feed of…

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Instantly automate any Google Spreadsheet with a daily feed of your latest spending, account balances, and financial transactions.

Tiller Money was founded with a mission to make personal finance spreadsheets 10x faster, easier, and more accessible through intelligent automation.

Further, we aimed to empower builders with tools to create their own highly specialized, automated personal finance spreadsheet solutions.

So today we’re announcing the Tiller Money Feeds Add-on for Google Sheets. It’s an all-new way to instantly automate any Google spreadsheet with a daily feed of your latest personal finances.

The Tiller Money Feeds Add-on integrates data from 20,000 financial sources including banks, credit cards, mortgages and more directly with your Google spreadsheets.

Each day, the add-on can automatically import the latest spending, balances, and transactions from all your linked accounts into any connected Google Sheet.

You can quickly access key Feeds settings directly from the sidebar in Google Sheets. For example, you can choose which accounts you want to connect to your sheets, trigger transaction and balance updates, and turn feeds on and off, all from the sidebar.

Connect all your accounts and track your finances wherever you access Google Sheets. All without data entry.

What will you build with Tiller Money Feeds?

Tiller Money Feeds provide the fastest, easiest, and most flexible way to keep your finances up-to-date in a spreadsheet. And you can do more with the Add-on than previous Tiller templates.

Since you can add Tiller Money Feeds to any Google Spreadsheet, you can choose to start with a blank sheet and build a custom dashboard from there. Or you can integrate Feeds with your favorite Google spreadsheet template.

You can easily decide which accounts to link sheet by sheet. So you might build one dashboard that tracks your freelance income, another to track your regular paycheck, and yet another combining both income streams.

Or you might want to track your shared household expenses separately from your personal savings and investment accounts.

If you can imagine it in a Google spreadsheet, you can power it with Tiller Money Feeds.

Learn, share, and build with the Tiller Money Community

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The Tiller Money Community is a new place to discover, share, and build Tiller Money-powered personal finance and spreadsheet projects. Get your questions answered, help others, connect with like-minded builders, and learn from the projects they share.

Easily get started with the Tiller Foundation Template for Google Sheets

Foundation Template for Google Sheets Header

The Foundation Template for Google Sheets is a powerfully simple dashboard that brings your finances together in one spreadsheet, and automatically updates them for you each day. It combines the most popular features of previous templates in a single, elegant personal finance spreadsheet powered by Tiller Money Feeds.

Experiment with Tiller Labs

Instantly add over a dozen free, prebuilt personal finance templates, workflows, and reports to any Tiller Money-powered spreadsheet with the new Tiller Labs Add-on for Google Sheets.

Examples of tools in the Tiller Labs Add-on include monthly and yearly budgets, a net worth visualizer, debt progress tracker, and several spending reports. The Tiller Labs Add-on is frequently updated with new tools.

How Tiller Money Feeds Works

Simply sign up for a Tiller Money subscription (completely free for 30 days), securely authenticate your various financial accounts, and launch the Tiller Money Feeds Add-on in Google Sheets. 

In a blank new spreadsheet, the Add-on will create three new sheets: Transactions, Categories, and Balance History. It will then import your past three months of transactions and balance history from all your linked accounts.

Your Transactions and Balance History sheets will automatically update each day for as long as your Tiller Money subscription is active. Learn more in the Tiller Money Community: Discussion and Docs for Tiller Money Feeds add-on

Try Tiller Money Feeds Completely Free for 30-days

Take Tiller Money Feeds for Google Sheets for a test-drive with a free 30-day trial. You can easily cancel anytime, and any data you’ve imported will remain in your Google Drive.

An annual Tiller Money subscription is $79 and includes Tiller Money Feeds for Google Sheets, Tiller Money Feeds for Excel (beta), Foundation Template for Google Sheets, AutoCat for Google Sheets. Additionally, subscribers can access the Tiller Money Community and the Tiller Labs Library with 15+ free, experimental personal finance templates.

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