Tiller Money in Fortune Magazine: “Bring Back the Spreadsheet”

"Tiller Money provides spreadsheets that automatically connect to as many bank accounts as a customer desires, leaving users with an understanding of spending"

Tiller Money was recently featured by Fortune magazine in the article “Amidst an explosion in personal finance apps, this startup wants to bring back the spreadsheet.” (Of course, spreadsheets never went anywhere.)

“Tiller Money provides customers with pre-built spreadsheet templates that, like other personal finance tools, automatically connect to as many bank accounts and credit cards as a customer desires and categorizes transactions, leaving users with an understanding of whether or not they are spending too much on, say, eating out or retail shopping.”

Fortune Magazine

One of the things we love about this article is a quote from Jennifer Mulder of Pathway Financial Services, who couldn’t find a tool that made budgeting simple and easy for her clients. Quicken was too complicated, and Mint “too often confused categories of spending.”

But according to Mulder, her clients were “already familiar with” Tiller Money’s spreadsheet-based approach, which is helpful because “every hurdle you put in their way makes it that much more likely that they’re not going to actually do it.”

Tiller Money founder Peter Polson is also interviewed about his vision for the company. “What if we could actually take spreadsheets to a whole other level. What if we could automate them with financial feeds from any of your bank accounts and make it easier to use spreadsheets to give you helpful templates.”

Flexibility and customization is one of Tiller Money’s key differences from other personal finance tools. “We let people build their own rules,” Polson said. “I could create a rule that says if it’s a gas station and it’s under $15, it’s probably M&M’s and kombucha, so it’s eating out. And, if it’s over $15, it’s filling my tank, so it’s gas.”

(M&M’s and kombucha together, Peter?)

Read the entire article here. Learn more about Tiller Money at TillerHQ.com

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