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The Fastest Way to Make a New Google Doc or Sheet

New: You can now make a new Google Doc, Sheet, Form, or Slide as quickly as can you can type a website address in your browser.

For a Doc, type,, or

Use,, or for new Google Sheets.

And you can even type or to make a new form, or,, or for new Google Slides. Last but not least, type,, or for making a new Google Site.

Americans Are Willing to Forgo a 56% Pay Raise for Flexible Working Conditions

Almost 40 percent of respondents preferred a relatively lower-wage job with flexible hours and telecommuting over one without such perks, the research showed. Setting one’s own schedule is equivalent to a 9 percent pay bump, while autonomy at work is worth 3.8 percent of the wage relative to a position with well-defined tasks. – Bloomberg

Ancient Wisdom

“Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that made him sick.” — Hippocrates

The truth of the quote above applies to personal finance as strongly as it applies to physical well-being and health. (And of course, physical well-being is often connected to financial health.)

Actually, it’s remarkable how this ancient quote applies to so much of modern life. h/t Michael Kitces on Twitter.

Is a Rental Property the Best Way to Grow Your Wealth?

“Calculating the ROI of a rental property can be complex. While there are many different ways to do this, the point of this exercise is to provide you with a “back of the envelope” calculation to help you quickly assess whether or not a rental property has a return potential that is worth pursuing. If your calculation reveals that the return is small on paper, it’s likely going to be small in reality, too. –

The Best Ways to Spend $20, According to Reddit

Example: “Windshield ice scraper with a brass blade. Brass is softer than glass, so it won’t scratch. Makes Wisconsin mornings before work 10x more tolerable.” – Lifehacker

After 10 Years, Bitcoin has Changed Everything – And Nothing

“Ten years ago today, someone using the name Satoshi Nakamoto sent an academic paper to a cryptography mailing list proposing a form of digital cash called ‘bitcoin.’ The pseudonymous Nakamoto, whose true identity remains unknown, described an idea for ‘mining’ a limited amount of this virtual currency through a peer-to-peer scheme that wouldn’t depend on a bank, government, or any other central authority. Once people started using bitcoin, it would be impossible for a government to pull the plug, as happened with previous attempts to create digital money, such as E-Gold.” – Wired

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