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Tiller Money soon to support open banking connection with Bank of America

Open Banking Bank Of America Tiller Money

Tiller Money was the first of Envestnet | Yodlee’s licensees to launch open banking in 2020. First with Citi, followed shortly by Chase. Now Bank of America is being added to the list with new banks expected to be enabled over the coming months and years.

Banking data aggregation is an ever evolving industry, but it’s exciting to see the banks get on board with allowing consumers to truly own their data. These advancements offer more secure standards for 3rd party aggregators to pull the data into financial applications like Tiller Money.

This new connection means more reliable bank data refreshes so your Bank of America spending, transactions, and balances make it into your spreadsheets even faster. No more fumbling with your phone to re-authenticate an account to access your data. The best part is, you’re making a direct connection with the bank so you no longer have to share your username and password with Yodlee.

Your financial life in a spreadsheet, automatically updated each day

Tiller connects 21,000 banks to your spreadsheets and automatically updates them with your spending, balances, and net worth each day. Track everything in one place with flexible templates and no ads.

The Tiller Money open banking connection for Bank of America will go live Feb 15, 2021. Existing Tiller Money customers with connected Bank of America accounts will need to update their connections by March 15th to keep the connection active and the data flowing.

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