The Tiller Weekly Reading List curates compelling links from the past seven days about personal finance, investing and managing money.

After all, knowing what just happened is the best way to know happens next.

The Dow has erased its gains for the year, the S&P is negative for 2018, and on Wednesday the Nasdaq had its worst day since 2011. – CNBC
Has the stock market sell-off bottomed? These four things will tell you when – CBNC
Trying to Time the Market? Missing Just a Handful of the Best Days Can Tank Your Returns – The Simple Dollar
The CNN Fear & Greed Index looks like it is hovering at an “extreme fear 6.” – CNN Fear & Greed Index
Would you be prepared if the Dow Jones Industrial Average were to fall 5,700 points?  – Marketwatch

“I think the one thing we can always say “is this too shall pass.” So whether you’re going through something great or something horrible, we know that it will pass. Part of being a great investor is having the mental toughness to see it through the best and worst of times.” – NYT Bestselling author and behavioral economist Dr. Daniel Crosby on the “So Money” podcast with Farnoosh Torabi

How to Prepare Your Money for the Coming Economic Slowdown –  Wisebread
The Keys to Effective Budgeting: Autonomy and Automation” –  Forbes
Here are the jobs expected to grow the most in the next five years – Quartz
Here’s How the New UltraFICO Credit Score Will Work – Lifehacker
How Accurate Are Zillow Home Values? –  The Balance

This applies to personal finances as much as business management:

“Companies succeed… because they set clear goals, define what success looks like, and ask the right questions. However, arriving at “the right questions” is easier said than done, as any investigation must extend beyond, “What do the data say?” – How to Make Sure You’re Not Using Data Just to Justify Decisions You’ve Already Made, Harvard Business Review

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