Tiller: Rocket Fuel for Your VisiCalc Spreadsheets

In 1979 the world changed forever when VisiCalc, the first…


In 1979 the world changed forever when VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet for personal computers, launched on the Apple II.

Now Tiller ups the game, taking your Apple II and VisiCalc spreadsheets to new heights. 

Tiller’s financial feeds imports your bank transactions directly into your VisiCalc spreadsheet each day.

Welcome back, Apple II.


What others are saying

“VisiCalc powered by Tiller? We haven’t had anything so game-changing hit mom’s basement since Elvis came on our show to share his investing secrets.” – Joe Saul-Sehy with Stacking Benjamins (listen to the show here or read a transcript)


Paired with the Novation or high-baud Hayes Smartmodem 300, your VisiCalc spreadsheets will always have the latest data. Balance your checkbook in seconds.


Do you feel like your head is in the cloud? Put your data on a floppy disk and it will always be within reach. Need redundancy? Put one floppy in your briefcase and another in your pocket.


Black text on a white screen. White text on a black screen. Blinking text. Endless options. Your financial dashboard is always updated and formatted just the way you like it.

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