Our “Build Your Own” Template Makes it Easy to Experiment With Your Own Reports

We’re excited to release two new templates that make it easy to build and experiment with new Tiller Sheets. Read more about the Build Your Own template below or get details about the Raw Data template here.

The Build Your Own template is for those who want the category logic of our Standard Template but prefer to build their own reports and dashboards. We make it easy to set up your own categories, and we pull your latest balances into a Balance Summary tab using a simple query function.

This is a great place to start if you want to build a custom financial worksheet, but you want a little help with logic for balance summaries and categories.


  • Transactions tab updated daily
  • Balance History tab updated daily
  • Balance Summary tab
  • Category Setup tab
  • Pre-populated with most of Tiller’s supported transaction and balance tab columns

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