Tiller Video Tour Episode 1: Your Financial Life in Your Spreadsheets, Automatically

The 10 videos in the Tiller Video Tour show how to get started with Tiller, explore some of Tiller's core features, and share helpful customization options.

Welcome to the Tiller Video Tour!

Hosted by Tiller founder Peter Polson, these videos show how to get started with Tiller, explore some of Tiller’s core features, and share helpful customization options for your spreadsheets.

If you’re brand-new to Tiller, we recommend watching these videos in order.

But if you’re more experienced with Tiller, you might want to jump to making a quick monthly budget, creating a pivot table with your Tiller data, or optimizing your net worth template.

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Video transcript:

I’m Peter Polson, founder of Tiller. Tiller is the only personal finance service designed specifically for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. It combines the limitless flexibility of spreadsheets with the convenience of an app.

Every day, Tiller automatically imports your latest spending, income, and account balance data directly into your own private spreadsheet.

With Tiller, you can easily track your expenses, budgets, net worth, and debt payoff goals using our user-friendly templates. You can also explore the templates available in the Tiller community, which cover various tasks such as retirement planning, bill tracking, and cash flow analysis. Unlike many other personal finance services, Tiller is solely funded by your subscription.

We highly value your privacy, which is why we never sell your data to third parties or show ads. Tiller is designed to be the most customizable personal finance service, ensuring that it adapts to your financial situation at all times. For instance, unlike other services, Tiller gives you complete control over your transaction categories. You can easily create, edit, and delete categories, as well as establish your own auto-categorization rules that align with your money management approach.

Our team at Tiller is dedicated to empowering you to confidently manage your finances every day with our powerful tools. It’s that simple. You’ll find numerous examples of Tiller’s flexibility in the other videos in this series. Additionally, we have an outstanding customer success team and a vibrant community ready to provide support. If you’re serious about taking control of your money, start a free trial right now at tillerhq.com. Thank you.

Edward Shepard

Edward Shepard

Marketing Lead at Tiller. Writer. Spreadsheet nerd. Get in touch with partnership ideas at edward @ tillerhq.com.

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Will Hinton, Google Review October 30, 2023