Tiller vs YNAB: Frequently Asked Questions and Migration Tips

Are you looking to compare Tiller vs YNAB? Here are the most frequently asked questions, plus migration tips for making an informed decision.

How to Make a Household Budget - Plus Free Spreadsheet Template

Here at Tiller, we think YNAB is a great personal finance service. We respect the company, its mission, and community.

Many of Tiller’s customers came from YNAB, or even use Tiller and YNAB together.

Here are answers to some common questions about Tiller vs YNAB. If you have a specific question about using Tiller in place of YNAB, feel free to post in the Tiller Community, or email support@tillerhq.com.

See an overview of Tiller vs YNAB here.

“In the past, we had tried using Mint, which was helpful for past spending, but not ideal for planning the future. We then tried YNAB, but found it hard to customize and collaborate in. We’ve enjoyed how much we could customize our Tiller budget, using a combination of our own ideas and the modular Tiller Community Solutions add-ons.”
ynab sporeadsheet importer
YNAB CSV Transaction to Google Sheets Importer

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