Tiller Weekly Update – Nov 19, 2021

Quick recap from the past week: Tiller was recommended on Wirecutter, and we chose the three winning entries in the Spreadsheet Builders Challenge. And most of all, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from all of us at Tiller!
Tiller Update for Friday, November 19, 2021

Video transcript:

“Hi, I’m Peter, Tiller’s founder, and I wanted to share a quick end of the week update. It’s Friday, November 19th.

First of all, this week, we were listed in Wirecutter as a recommended solution. The New York Times’ Wirecutter is one of my go-to sources, whether I’m buying a teakettle or a couch, I’ll check out and see what Wirecutter has.

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It’s just awesome to have Tiller recommended there. And I’m really proud of what the team has put into Tiller to make that all possible.

Second this week, we announced the winning grant recipients for the Spreadsheet Builders’ Challenge. We had so many good ideas and so much energy put in there.

To me it reflects the best of the Tiller Community to see what people are building on top of Tiller. It was a hard decision, and we awarded three grants to Adam, Brad, and Catherine. And we cannot wait to see their finished product in the new year. Stay tuned for more on that. And thanks to everyone who participated in the builders contest!

It was so inspiring to be a part of that and to have a chance to judge that. Coming up, we have Thanksgiving, and it is one of my favorite holidays. We’re gathering with family and a few dear friends, and it’s the simplest of holidays to be around a table with people you care about and to share a meal.

And so my wish for everyone is to have a fantastic Thanksgiving. I think if the last year and a half has taught us anything, it’s never to take this for granted.

And I hope you all have a fantastic and safe and wonderful Thanksgiving season.”

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