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When it comes to money, we believe everyone has a fascinating story to share.

Tiller Money is launching a new initiative to publish and promote positive writing about personal finance, modern budgeting, and lifestyle design.


  • Budgeting tips and tricks - Everyone loves budgeting and money tips and tricks. Successful posts will go beyond the standard “budget hacks” with fresh ideas or an original approach.

  • Personal essays and first-person tales about money, financial management, and budgeting.

  • Family life + Money - What are you teaching your kids? How do you manage your family finances? What lessons did you learn from your parents (good and bad)?

  • Lifestyle design - How are you (or someone you interview) creating a dream life? How do decisions around money fit into this plan?

  • Data and Research - driven posts about money management, consumer trends, financial trends

  • Spreadsheets - Tiller Money is the only service that automatically syncs your financial data into a Google Sheet. Naturally, we want to share as many Google Sheets tips and tricks as possible. We’re also interested in “spreadsheets as a way of life.” If you’re a spreadsheet nerd, share your story.

  • Behavioral  insights - If you’re a financial planner, money manager, or counselor, what insights about money and human behavior can you share?

  • Surprising data and observations - think “Freakonomics” at the intersection of personal finance.


  • We’re looking for original posts between 500 - 2500 words.

  • You can pitch previously published work, but we may request significant edits to these posts.

  • We publish positive, optimistic writing that applies growth mindset thinking to life’s inevitable financial challenges, big and small.

  • We love essays that highlight creative thinking and novel insights into budgeting, money management, and financial planning.

  • Tiller Money offers the only service that automatically syncs your financial data with powerful Google Sheet templates. Your writing can certainly include mentions of other financial products and services, but we’re not likely to publish an article about how another service is “the best financial service ever.”

  • Most importantly (even more than spelling or grammar): Tiller believes money matters because everything else matters more. While that perspective certainly doesn't have to be overt in your writing, we’re not likely to publish work that contradicts this idea.


We pay for every original post. We do not pay for previously published work.

How to Submit Your Article

  • Email your idea for a specific article to

  • The email should include a brief (one paragraph) description of your idea.

  • It should also include who you are and if you have a blog and have published elsewhere.

  • In the subject line, write a very short description of your idea.

  • If you already have a draft of an article, please go ahead and send it. That is helpful.

  • We will let you know if your article is selected within five business days.

  • Please don’t submit the same story to us and any other venue at the same time. We’ll let you know if it’s accepted within 5 business days of submission.

If Your Article is Selected for Publication

  • After we confirm that we’ve selected your article, it’ll typically be published with 21 days.

  • Payment will be issued within seven days of publication.

  • We will source an image for your article (unless you have an original photo or graphic to offer).

  • We will request a short bio, link to your social media profiles, and author image.

  • We will edit the article to fit our publishing template and guidelines.

  • We will craft a headline for your article.


In exchange for the fee we pay for your story, we ask for first North American serial rights and First Electronic Rights. Here’s a good, simple explanation of those rights:

  • Your article will be published on

  • A link to your story will be distributed to our email list.

  • Your story will be available to our other channels, including social media,, RSS

  • Also, unless arrangements are made in advance, we reserve exclusive rights to published content for one year. This means no other posting of the accepted story anywhere on the web, or in print in the United States or Canada, for one year after its exclusive appearance on and related channels.

  • We are also asking for indefinite archiving rights, as the story may appear on and associated channels.

  • If the story is re-published after one year, we ask that be credited as the original publisher with a link to the piece on in the byline or the body.