Free Category Tracker Templates for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

The Category Tracker is Tiller's third most-popular Community template. It's now been refreshed for both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

The Category Tracker Report is one of the most popular Tiller Community templates.

It’s a simple way to build a pie chart visualizing your spending and income in each of your transaction categories over a customizable date range.

Besides a large pie chart, the template also lists:

  • totals by category for your selected time period
  • total income, expenses, and transfers
  • net cash flow
  • transactions filtered by individual categories.

The Category Tracker Template is a powerful yet simple way to understand your spending and cash flow. No wonder it’s so incredibly popular. (Plus, it’s free for both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel!)

Category Tracker Report for Google Sheets:


Category Tracker Report for Microsoft Excel:


Let us know what you think in this thread in the Tiller Community!

Randy Hulett

Randy Hulett

Read Randy's blog posts below. You can also browse spreadsheet templates created by Randy, and see what he's been up to in the Tiller Money Community

Notable Replies

  1. Randy
    This is very interesting

    I have multiple companies that I would like to summarize into a consolidated report.
    Can this sheet drive it?
    Drive P&L Reporting?

  2. Avatar for randy randy says:

    I’m glad you’re intrigued, @facetnow100.

    I’m not sure about your specific application, but I’d encourage you to pull in the worksheet, take it for a spin, and build whatever you need on top of it to make it work for you.


    P.S. We have some great add-on-based and in-cell-formula-based P&L solutions on the Sheets side.

  3. Avatar for CHILL CHILL says:

    Thanks Randy, I like the look of this. I notice that the hidden categories are showing up in the report, is there a way to filter out certain categories from the report?

  4. Avatar for randy randy says:

    Yes. You can use the Hide column in the Categories sheet.

  5. Avatar for CHILL CHILL says:

    The categories I have identified as Hide in the Categories sheet are showing up in this report. I dont think its connected properly.

    Example is this Rent Group should be hidden


    Separately, would it be possible to add this graph to the Tags Report and then have a checkbox that we could select to control what is in the graph. That would be ideal.

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