Updated Category Tracker Templates for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

The Category Tracker is Tiller’s third most-popular Community template. It’s now been refreshed for both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

category tracker google sheets excel

The Google Sheets Category Tracker has historically been the third-most-popular Tiller Community template.

It provides a quick and easy way to focus on custom reporting periods.

In parallel, we had been refining a similar template in Excel called the Tiller Money Tracker. The Excel version included a popular pie chart feature but lacked the category-rollup-by-description feature in the Sheets version.

We are excited to announce that we have merged these two concepts for both platforms.

The Sheets Category Tracker version, in an overdue update, now incorporates the customizable pie chart, a period summary, and features a UX similar to its Excel counterpart.

The new Excel build rebrands the template from “Excel Money Tracker” to the Excel “Category Tracker” the same as its Sheets sibling— and harmonizes it with the popular features in the Sheets version, including the addition of Description totals (the columns at right) for the selected period.

Let us know what you think of the changes in this thread in the Tiller Community!

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Notable Replies

  1. Randy
    This is very interesting

    I have multiple companies that I would like to summarize into a consolidated report.
    Can this sheet drive it?
    Drive P&L Reporting?

  2. Avatar for randy randy says:

    I’m glad you’re intrigued, @facetnow100.

    I’m not sure about your specific application, but I’d encourage you to pull in the worksheet, take it for a spin, and build whatever you need on top of it to make it work for you.


    P.S. We have some great add-on-based and in-cell-formula-based P&L solutions on the Sheets side.

  3. Avatar for CHILL CHILL says:

    Thanks Randy, I like the look of this. I notice that the hidden categories are showing up in the report, is there a way to filter out certain categories from the report?

  4. Avatar for randy randy says:

    Yes. You can use the Hide column in the Categories sheet.

  5. Avatar for CHILL CHILL says:

    The categories I have identified as Hide in the Categories sheet are showing up in this report. I dont think its connected properly.

    Example is this Rent Group should be hidden


    Separately, would it be possible to add this graph to the Tags Report and then have a checkbox that we could select to control what is in the graph. That would be ideal.

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