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Vote in the Spreadsheet Builders Challenge

Community voting is now open for the 2019 Spreadsheet Builders Challenge.

The goal of the Builders Challenge was to inspire the creation of impactful personal finance solutions based in Google Sheets. All of these entries support automated financial data import through Tiller Money Feeds. (However, they don’t require Tiller Money Feeds to function.)

A number of innovative solutions were entered into the Challenge, including budgets, receipt trackers, spreadsheets for cash forecasting, and several incredible spending trackers.

Two prizes will be awarded for outstanding entries:

Your turn: how to vote

The entry with the most votes in the Tiller Money Community wins the $500 Community Choice Award. To vote, simply click the “Sign Up” button in the Community.

Additional voting details:

See all entries below, or in the Tiller Money Community.

Current Month Summary by Account 

by nalexander15

What is the goal of your workflow?
The goal of this workflow is to give a rundown of the current month’s finances. It can be viewed by account or as a general overview. It is a quick reference tool for 1) viewing upcoming and past due payments and deposits, 2) viewing actual vs. forecasted spend/deposits through the current day of the month, and 3) viewing forecasted balances in each account for the current month.

The Complete Budget & Receipt Tracker

by dhensonroyall

What is the goal of your workflow? What problem does it solve, or how does it help you?

I’ve tried several budgeting apps and tend to run into the same four problems. I’ve built budgeting spreadsheets for myself which fix some of them, but never tried Tiller until I heard about it for this challenge.

This template is robust and may sound complicated but it’s actually pretty easy and intuitive to use. It gives you the flexibility to use the Receipts form or not, and you could add your own features into the form or spreadsheet however you see fit.

Plan and track your daily cash flow

by teookie

What is the goal of your workflow? What problem does it solve, or how does it help you?

The purpose of this sheet is to make it easier to answer two common money-related questions: 1) where did all my money go? 2) Do I have enough money to buy fill in the blank?

Easily Track Savings Split into Funds

by  dhensonroyall

What is the goal of your workflow? What problem does it solve, or how does it help you?

When you’re trying to save for different things, like Emergencies, College, Christmas, and Vacation, the default method is to open up different savings accounts for each one. But then your banking gets more confusing, especially if they’re split between different institutions. Even worse, you may lose money by missing out on interest and getting hit with fees for transferring between these accounts.

The goal of this template is to gather the funds from your savings accounts, decide how to split them between the things you’re saving for, and then easily keep track of those fund balances over time, no matter which savings account they’re in.

EOM Balance Tracker 

by James Mclachlin

The goal is to help keep my budget targeted at a defined EOM (end of month) net liquid balance. After all the +’s and -‘s of the month, I should have 2000, CAD. This dashboard allows me to keep everything pointed in the right direction, and highlights when something has gone awry (balance not as expected, transaction missed etc).

Email a daily summary of transactions across multiple accounts

By Joe Levy

Gives me a daily email with all my transactions since yesterday across my bank and credit cards (wife, kids, work, etc.) so I can see with a glance all activity.

Budget and Financial Tracking System

By Bas Print

What is the goal of your workflow?

It is a combination budget and financial status tracking system. Its goal is to a) facilitate the control of discretionary expenditures and b) keep me informed at all times of my financial health.

Monthly Budget And Spending With Income/Expense Groups 

By Kenneth Trytek

What is the goal of your workflow?

I use cash, credit card, check, and PayPal to send and receive money. I use Tiller to take those things and put them in a sheet for me so I can use this monthly budget sheet to track all of them and manage spending and savings.

Trend View – See the big picture 

By Ivan Lantz

What is the goal of your workflow?

Looking at trends is better than looking at small sections of time. If I buy a lot of groceries at the end of the month, I’m over budget but next month maybe I’m under budget. By looking at more months together I can see the over/under spending trends.

Period to Date Budget Tracker with Rollover

By J Siglin

What is the goal of your workflow? What problem does it solve, or how does it help you?

This spreadsheet is meant to enable someone to see at a glance, what their budget and, more importantly, what the rollover balances are, so individuals can make better decisions with their money. This spreadsheet allows someone to change the period and see how they did in any given month, as well as revert back to the starting point of an individual’s budget and assess how they are looking throughout a period.

Bill Grid, Dashboard Module with Cash Forecast 

Chris Larson

What is the goal of your workflow?

There are very few solutions to bill management. Financial management is more than keeping track of what you spend, but rather receiving your bills, scheduling payments and ensuring you do not overdraw your accounts. Float is virtually gone in this digital world, yet I want to pay my bills when they are due and not before. Finances should be fun and this sheet allows you to track all of your bills in one place.

Envelope System – with funding templates

By Richl

What is the goal of your workflow?

I have been a long-time user of the envelope system of budgeting so I am more concerned with the ongoing balance of my envelope then where I sit with my monthly budget. I want to fund my envelopes based on the actual cashflow vs. a monthly budget number.

Daily budget vs expenses 

By mfw.jack

What is the goal of your workflow?

This workbook provides a detailed, transparent comparison between monthly spending and income in an intuitive interface. The tool enables the user to make precise financial decisions when they are faced with tight margins or a limited budget. It answers the following questions:

Recurring Expenses Dashboard

By xlengthy

What is the goal of your workflow?

HSA Receipt Tracker 

by Chad

What is the goal of your workflow?

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are great for tax-advantaged saving for medical expenses. However, one issue is record keeping. Receipts must be kept to prove expenses charged to an HSA account are qualified medical expenses. Keeping paper copies of receipts can be difficult and time-consuming. My solution attempts to streamline this process.

How much can I spend today? | Cash Flow, Budget, Bills, Debt, and Savings Tracker

By Alexandra Wilson

What is the goal of your workflow?

Don’t we all just want to know how much we can spend today? How is that impulse buy going to affect your cash flow for the month? How does your spending affect how long it will take you to pay off your debt?

Well, look no further because this sheet answers those questions and so much more!

Shared Budget Manager

By Paul David Mason

What is the goal of your workflow?

This google sheet helps couples to manage a shared financial budget that involves multiple accounts. If you can imagine trying to figure out which bill was paid by who and on which account. My wife and I have multiple points cards that we leverage and being able to see what was paid with which account is a huge help to us.

Everyday Trends – Monitor net worth, cash flow, budget, pace (mobile friendly) 

By Jax

What is the goal of your workflow?

Despite being a lover of spreadsheets, I don’t always want to look at a wall of numbers. So, I wanted to provide a visual and interactive way for me to stay on top of my finances. I focused on a few key goals:

Balance Tracker 

by nicetouches

What is the goal of your workflow?
This Balance Tracker spreadsheet shows how daily account balances have changed since any given date. It extracts data from Tiller’s Balance History spreadsheet, sorts it into account columns, and plots individual histories. It can exclude records prior to a specified date, calculate subtotals and figure percentage gain or loss.

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