What Causes Bank Feed Interruptions?

Tiller integrates spreadsheets with daily financial data from more than 20,000 financial institutions.

This data flows through Yodlee, the leading financial aggregator in the U.S., providing secure data feeds for the majority of the largest U.S. banks. 

Yodlee is regularly audited by some of the largest banks in the world, and in the United States nine of the top 15 banks hire Yodlee for the same reason Tiller uses Yodlee.

For example, if you have a Bank of America account and you want to pull transactions and balances from other accounts and institutions to make them viewable from your Bank of America account, Bank of America uses Yodlee to securely aggregate that data for you.

The industry is evolving rapidly as Yodlee and banks work to give consumers more control while continuing to provide even better security features.

At Tiller, we’re vocal advocates for new standards that provide improved transparency and control for consumers.

Occasionally banks will roll out new features that interfere with Yodlee’s timely aggregation of balance and transaction data.

For example, your bank might provide more timely pending transaction data or make updates to how account numbers are posted.

If Yodlee then runs into errors because of changes in the secure interface between Yodlee and your bank, then Tiller’s systems can’t get your transactions or balances into your spreadsheet until this issue is resolved.

If you experience a problem with a feed from any of your banks, please know that most are resolved within a day or two. Occasionally some may take longer.

To help you get any errors fixed quickly, we’ve made instant resources available on our Help Center. If you find you’re unable to get the connection working, please reach out.

We know you depend on timely feeds, and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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