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Tiller’s story started when we wanted to feel greater confidence and control in our financial lives. Soon that became a mission to help others feel the same.

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Tiller is the only automated personal finance service built on Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. But our story didn’t start with spreadsheets.

It started with our desire to feel a greater sense of peace, confidence, and control in our financial lives. And this soon became a mission to help others feel the same.

Originally we set out to build an app

But after much research and many interviews, we discovered that people with the greatest financial peace of mind all had something in common.

It wasn’t wealth, low debt, or even a high income. It was simply that financially confident people were highly engaged with their money. And spreadsheets were the tool they preferred for the job.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, spreadsheets are simple, familiar, and private. And no other financial tool is as customizable.

These insights led to Tiller’s unique solution

21000 banks

So rather than building yet another personal finance app, we decided to combine their single best feature — automated account aggregation — with the unmatched flexibility of spreadsheets.

And we would do this in spreadsheets owned by our customers, with easy templates for tracking common financial goals.

By eliminating data entry, multiple account logins, and CSVs, Tiller makes managing money in a spreadsheet 10x faster. All so you can keep a clear view of your finances in one place, with everything customizable, strict privacy, and no ads.

Unlike other financial apps, Tiller doesn’t make money selling your data or showing ads

Tiller is funded by your subscription, not ads. We succeed when you succeed.

While many software companies prioritize flashy customer growth stats through acquisition, we prioritize customer success, which we measure by customer retention.

Two-thirds of Tiller’s customers choose to renew for another year. (The average financial app has a 3.4% 90-day retention rate according to a 2020 study by Leanplum and Liftoff.)

Read Tiller’s Privacy and Security promise →

You own your data and can export it at any time.

If you ever cancel your Tiller subscription, you keep your imported financial data and any Tiller-built templates you’ve installed.

Tiller is the most customizable automated personal finance service

With Tiller, you can customize everything and manage your money, your way.

No more wrestling with inflexible categories – you can create your own categories and edit or delete them anytime.

Edit a free template, or build your own custom dashboard from scratch. Bring your data to life with your preferred fonts, colors, and even emoji.

Visit the Tiller Community gallery to browse community-built spreadsheet templates, workflows, ideas, and solutions that others have shared, from tracking travel to managing rentals to charting retirement. 

Visualize trends with any of the hundreds of charts, reports, and graphs available in Google Sheets and Excel.

You can even take full control with custom spreadsheet formulas and functions.

Tiller has top-rated customer support and communication

tiller intercom rating
Tiller’s support rating from Intercom responses

Tiller offers real, human customer support. Our customer service is consistently top-ranked as you can see in our many customer reviews. 

We communicate constantly with our customers through chat, the Tiller Community, the Tiller Money Memo, social media, and email. We love hearing from you. Peter Polson, Tiller’s founder and CEO is always eager to chat with prospective and current Tiller customers. (Seriously – email him at!) 

Spreadsheets (and Tiller) will be here through every stage of your financial journey

Spreadsheets aren’t going anywhere. From the biggest boardrooms to everyday households, spreadsheets are the most trusted tool for managing money. Many of our customers have a spreadsheet they’ve used to track their finances for decades.

The Tiller Community is full of ideas and solutions for how people adapt their spreadsheets to their changing lives.

As for Tiller, we’re carefully growing a healthy, long-term company. We’re not aiming for an IPO or acquisition that suddenly changes our service and disrupts your workflows.

Tiller is a complete personal finance service, with:

Tiller is a mission-driven company

Regardless of income, net worth, and level of personal debt, money is the #1 source of stress in the US today. That’s the problem we want to help solve. 

Tiller’s team is driven by a mission to help people gain greater confidence and control of their financial lives, guided by the conviction that money matters because life matters more.

We take care of our team

Beyond helping our customers succeed, Tiller supports our team with inclusion, flexible scheduling, mandated attention to work-life balance, excellent autonomy, seamless company-wide communication, openness to new ideas and experimentation, and a pervasive culture to assume good intentions. 

We’re building exactly the kind of company we want to work at, and we love doing it.

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