The Tiller Money Difference

We believe money matters because life matters more. That’s why we’re building tools that make it easier to track your financial life your way, with everything in one place, everything customizable, strict control of your data, and no ads.

Your financial life is unique

You have your own goals and way of thinking about money. But most apps try to make choices for you. They force you to use irrelevant categories, limit how you see your data, and don’t account for your most important goals.

Spreadsheets to the rescue?

Spreadsheets give you greater control than any app.
Unfortunately, manual spreadsheets are slow, requiring tedious data imports and cleanup that takes time away from actually managing your money.

The Tiller Money difference

Tiller Money updates Google Sheets with an automated feed of your spending, balances, and transactions each day. It makes managing money in Google Sheets 10x faster.

All the features you need to stay on top of your finances

Get started with easy personal finance templates. Automatically categorize transactions with Autocat. Get a quick recap of all your account balances with a daily email update. Share ideas in the Tiller Money Community.

Strict privacy, no ads, and complete control of your data.

Unlike many free apps, Tiller Money never sends you ads or “partner offers” based on your financial profile. Your data is private and secure. And because it’s based on Google Sheets, you can easily back it up or export anytime.

Trusted & Recommended

Tiller Money has a 5-star G Suite Marketplace rating
and is recommended by financial advisors, personal finance
experts, and thousands of happy customers.
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“Amazing tool… automation with the flexibility of spreadsheets!”

Joseph Robinson


G Suite Marketplace

“The ability to tailor it to your personal cash flow and preferences is amazing.”

The ability to tailor it to your personal cash flow and preferences is amazing.


G Suite Marketplace

“I’m a financial advisor and see this as a comprehensive budgeting and planning tool.”

G Suite Review Advisor



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