Winners Announced for the 2019 Spreadsheet Builders Challenge

Today Tiller Money announces the winner of the 2019 Spreadsheet Builder Challenge. Two awards were offered this year – the Judges Prize and the Community Choice Award.


Today Tiller Money announces the winner of the 2019 Spreadsheet Builder Challenge.

The goal of the Challenge was to inspire new spreadsheet-based tools to help people take greater control of their financial lives.

Two prizes were awarded – Judges Prize and the Community Choice Award. 

David Royall is the winner of both prizes. Congratulations to David for building two innovative, stylish, solution-focused spreadsheets that even included walk-through videos:

Above Left: Easily Track Savings Split into Funds. Right: The Complete Budget & Receipt Tracker.

Voting was very close among the judges. Brynne Conroy wrote “This was so hard – each sheet has its own specialty.” Elle Martinez agreed: “They each have something I think would be so helpful.” And Ben Collins said “It was REALLY hard to pick a winner.” 

About the winning spreadsheet “Easily Track Savings Split into Funds,” Ben Collins said “it blends technical expertise with a really innovative way to think about your money. It’s focused on one solution, and does that really well rather than try to cover too much.”

Paco de Leon agreed: “It’s a common question I get asked, so it definitely solves a real problem for people.”

Alexandra Wilson’s “How Much Can I Spend Today”  spreadsheet was the runner up among the judges. 

How much can I spend today Cash Flow Budget Bills Debt and Savings Tracker with Projections
How Much Can I Spend Today

About this spreadsheet, Elle Martinz wrote “I’ve heard from many in my community how having a snapshot with clear direction about how much is left to spend is practical for their more free-spirited spouses.  I think this spreadsheet is helpful for the money nerds and those partners less inclined with the financial details.” 

More about the How Much Can I Spend Today spreadsheet.

Thank you to Jim Wang, Brynne Conroy, Elle Martinez, Paco De Leon, and Ben L. Collins for judging the 2019 Challenge entries!

“These spreadsheets are INCREDIBLE.” 

Paco de Leon

At Tiller, we were impressed and inspired by each spreadsheet entered into the Challenge. You can see them all here.

You can read a constructive review of each entry in the article “Spreadsheet Builders Challenge Reviews From Tiller Labs.”

How to try your own copy of the winning spreadsheet

To try the winning spreadsheet, click on the sheet link:

Then click on the upper right “Use Template” button to get your own copy of the sheet. The author has sample Transactions and Categories so you can see how the sheet works.

Want to install one of the other spreadsheets?

  • Within your copy of the sheet, right-click on the name of the sheet(s) you want to pull into your existing Tiller spreadsheet.
  • Select Copy To.
  • Paste the URL of your existing Tiller spreadsheet into the URL textbox at the bottom.

Remember that some solutions may have multiple sheet and column dependencies. We have tested the steps above on the winning submissions— the steps work— but additional attention may be required for other sheets.

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