TillerHQ.com hosts a rapidly growing blog about optimizing finances with spreadsheets, mindful money, fintech, and using Tiller to achieve small business and personal finance goals.

We are always open to pitches related to the topics above. We pay for original, first-publication posts on approved pitches.

We’re also open to a very small number of guest posts that intersect with the topics above, provided they aren’t excessively promotional and offer utility for our readers.

We receive a large volume of publication inquires.

For the fastest response, please review the following information to pitch within our publishing guidelines.

First, what should you know about Tiller?

  • Tiller was founded on the value that money matters because life matters more.
  • Tiller is the first service that automatically imports daily financial transactions and account balances from 20,000 financial sources directly into Google Sheets and Excel.
  • Our research shows that the people most engaged and confident with their finances (regardless of income or economic circumstance) prefer spreadsheets for managing their money.
  • Tiller aims to make personal finance and small business spreadsheets faster, easier, and more accessible for everyone.


Spreadsheet Tips, Tricks, Hacks, Formulas, and Workflows

 We are most interested in publishing articles that inform and excite people about spreadsheets. (Yes, we used the word “excite” and “spreadsheets” in the same sentence.)

Spreadsheets are a powerful tool for tracking and managing money, but they can also help solve many of life’s riddles. Beyond tips and tricks about spreadsheets, we’re also interested in stories or resources about how you’ve used spreadsheet to solve various life problems.

In terms of search optimization or social sharing, examples of top-performing spreadsheet articles on TillerHQ.com include:


  • We’re looking for original posts between 500 – 2500 words.
  • You can pitch previously published work, but we may request edits to these posts.
  • We publish positive, optimistic writing that applies growth mindset thinking to life’s inevitable financial challenges, big and small.
  • We love essays that highlight creative thinking and novel insights into budgeting, money management, and financial planning.
  • Your writing can include mentions of other financial products and services besides Tiller.


We pay for every original post. We do not pay for previously published work. Pay is determined by a number of factors including your previous publishing history with Tiller Money.

How to Submit Your Article

  • Fill out the the form below.
  • If you already have a draft of an article, please go ahead and send it to edward@tillerhq.com.
  • We’ll let you know if your article is selected within five business days.
  • Please don’t submit the same story to us and any other venue at the same time. We’ll let you know if it’s accepted within 5 business days of submission.

If Your Article is Selected for Publication

  • After we confirm that we’ve selected your article, it’ll typically be published with 21 days.
  • Payment will be issued within seven days of publication.
  • We’ll source an image for your article (unless you have an original photo or graphic to offer).
  • We’ll request a short bio, link to your social media profiles, and author image.
  • We’ll edit the article to fit our publishing template and guidelines.
  • We’ll craft a headline for your article.


In exchange for the fee we pay for your story, we ask for first North American serial rights and First Electronic Rights. Here’s a good, simple explanation of those rights:

  • Your article will be published on TillerMoney.com.
  • A link to your story will be distributed to our email list.
  • Your story will be available to our other channels, including social media, TillerMoney.com, RSS
  • Also, unless arrangements are made in advance, we reserve exclusive rights to published content for one year. This means no other posting of the accepted story anywhere on the web, or in print in the United States or Canada, for one year after its exclusive appearance on TillerMoney.com and related channels.
  • We are also asking for indefinite archiving rights, as the story may appear on TillerMoney.com and associated channels.
  • If the story is re-published after one year, we ask that TillerMoney.com be credited as the original publisher with a link to the piece on TillerMoney.com in the byline or the body.

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