Essential Reading: 10 Tips for Creating Budget Templates in Google Sheets

Google Sheets Templates

If you love Google Sheets as much as we do, you’ve probably already discovered Ben Collins.

He’s a spreadsheet developer, data consultant, and data analytics instructor who shares in-depth Google Sheets tips at He also developed a useful credit card spending spreadsheet template just for Tiller.

Ben recently published a post on his site about how he uses Google Sheets to build financial templates.  It’s essential reading for anyone who uses (or wants to use) a spreadsheet for budgeting.

“It probably won’t surprise you to hear that I use Google Sheets to build financial/budget templates and track my incomings and outgoing, both at home and for my business.

The dashboards available through online banking sites are pretty rudimentary and don’t give me much insight into what’s happening with my finances, particularly over longer time frames.

I like using Google Sheets, as opposed to another third party service like Mint, because it’s fully customizable, it’s easy to use and I can share any spending or budget templates easily with my wife.”

Read the rest of his fantastic post: “10 techniques to use when building budget templates in Google Sheet.”

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