Automatically categorize your transactions in Google Sheets and Excel, 100% based on custom rules.

“Tiller’s AutoCat intelligently categorizes based on simple rules under my full control. Result? It’s right 100% of the time.” – Chris Lozac’h ★★★★★ Google Review
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Save time and keep organized with AutoCat

AutoCat is the only auto-categorization tool for Google Sheets and Excel, and the most customizable categorization engine of any personal finance service.

Save time: AutoCat eliminates repetitive categorization, so you can be more strategic with your finances.

Most accurate: AutoCat exclusively follows your categorization rules, so it’s more accurate than any other service.

AutoCat works perfectly with your custom Tiller-powered spreadsheets and the Foundation Template.

Go beyond categorizing: add tags, bulk-update descriptions, use RegEx, and optimize your data effortlessly.

AutoCat Advanced Rules

AutoCat rules can be as simple or advanced as needed.

  • Any transaction with a description containing Nytimes is auto-categorized as Subscription
  • Descriptions containing Payment with the institution “Capital One” are categorized as Transfer
  • Descriptions with Starbucks under $25 are filed as Coffee but any over $25 are Dining Out

Make your own rules. Change your mind. Make new ones.

AutoCat Detail

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