Automatic Transaction Categorization with AutoCat

Powerful, automated transaction categorization for Google spreadsheets, 100% customizable and based on your rules.

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Meet AutoCat: Easy, Automatic Transaction Categorization for Google Spreadsheets

AutoCat automatically categorizes your financial transactions in Google Sheets. This saves time and makes spreadsheets easier for day-to-day budgeting and financial tracking.

Make your own rules. Change your mind. Make new ones.

AutoCat gives you complete control of creating, changing, and deleting categorization rules. You can even choose when AutoCat runs.

Easy rule builder.

It’s easy to get started with AutoCat. In the example video above, a rule is created to automatically assign any transactions with the description “Hannaford” in the “Groceries” category.

You can then decide if you want this rule to run every time new transactions are added to your spreadsheet, or if you want it to run on a manual trigger.

With AutoCat, you can also refine your rules to include special conditions.

For example, you might have AutoCat file any transactions from the grocery store under $10 as “Snacks,” and any above $10 as “Groceries.”

You can quickly generate rules as simple or advanced as needed. AutoCat can even suggest new rules from recurring transactions in the last 90 days.

And if you change your mind about your categories in the future, you can easily change your AutoCat rules as well.

Examples of AutoCat rules you might create:

  • Any transaction with a description containing “Nytimes’ should be auto-categorized as “Subscription”
  • Descriptions containing “Payment” with the institution “Capital One” should be categorized as “Transfer”
  • Descriptions containing “Starbucks” under $25 should be categorized as “Coffee,” but any transaction over $25 should be “Dining Out”

Because AutoCat is so powerful and flexible, it can be used for other automation tasks beyond simple categorization. AutoCat can:

  • automatically tag transactions
  • clean up your descriptions
  • automate your own custom Transactions sheet columns

Making your own rules with AutoCat takes more effort than depending on rules created by a software company. But the result is a precise, sophisticated money tracking system made just for you.

Prefer manual categorization? No problem!

Many people prefer to manually categorize their transactions, feeling this provides the greatest awareness of their finances.

You can simply skip using AutoCat if you prefer this approach.

With Tiller, you’ll still benefit from autocomplete and drop-down menus for efficient categorization, without any loss of control.

How to Get Started With AutoCat

First, start a free 30-day trial of Tiller. Then launch the Tiller Feeds add-on in your Google spreadsheet and open “AutoCat.”

“AutoCat is AMAZING. My key value for subscribing to Tiller Money was time savings… With AutoCat my time savings value is exponentially greater.”​

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