Your financial life in a spreadsheet, automatically

How Tiller Money™ Works

Tiller Money auto-updates Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel with your daily spending and account balances. See everything in one place, and easily customize how you track your money.

“A major benefit of Tiller Money is that it consolidates all your financial information in spreadsheets without you having to enter data manually or download CSV files from your bank. Since you can create your own spreadsheet layout or customize an existing template, you have the flexibility to format your budget how you see fit. If you want to use 100 budget categories, go right ahead. If you want to budget on a biweekly basis or an annual basis, you aren’t restricted to budgeting by the month.”

Say goodbye to data entry

Tiller Money Feeds securely updates Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel with your latest finances from over 21,000 banks, credit cards, brokerages, and other financial sources each day.

Net Worth

Flexible templates for all your financial goals

Get started fast with easy prebuilt personal finance templates. Make a budget, pay off debt, track net worth, even run your small business. All powered by Tiller Money Feeds.


Customize everything

Create your own custom categories. Set your own auto-categorization rules. Track multiple budgets with variable time periods. Easily modify our templates to suit your needs. Tiller Money is the most flexible automated personal finance tool.

Get started with a few simple steps

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Step Two


Securely authenticate accounts in the Tiller Money Console

Step Three


Open Google Sheets or Excel to customize import options

Manage your settings without leaving your spreadsheet

The Tiller Money Feeds add-on gives you power over your feeds and auto-categorization rules right from your spreadsheets.

  • Link and unlink accounts to your sheets
  • Make your own auto-categorization rules
  • Choose auto or manual data updates

Extra security with 2FA

Some banks with 2-factor authentication currently require a manual refresh. You first choose “manually refresh data” in the Console. Then click “update sheets” in Google Sheets. (Still much faster than dealing with CSVs!)


Incredible. Data feeds are solid and financial institution interoperability great. Light years beyond Mint, Mvelopes, and other budgeting tools.”

A User of Tiller Money Feeds

A User of Tiller Money Feeds

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How Tiller Money Works FAQ

Link up to five spreadsheets at a time. Use one sheet to budget, another for freelance income, another for tracking net worth – whatever’s best for you.

Your Tiller Money subscription includes Tiller Money Feeds for Google Sheets, Tiller Money Feeds for Microsoft Excel, Foundation Template, Daily Account Email Summary, AutoCat, access to the Tiller Money Community, US-based customer support, weekly webinars, and community-supported Tiller Money Labs templates.

Link up to five spreadsheets at a time. Use one sheet to budget, another for freelance income, another for tracking net worth – whatever is best for you.

When you sign up for Tiller Money, you can choose Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel in the Tiller Money Console. You can use both platforms at the same time with a single Tiller Money subscription.

Tiller Money works in partnership with Yodlee, the leader in financial data aggregation.

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