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Foundation Template

The flexible Foundation Template for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel tracks the most important details of your financial life, including your daily spending, monthly budgets, account balances, and net worth – all in one place, automatically. 

About the Foundation Template

Set it up. Dial it in. Keep a clear view of everything happening with your money. 

Whether you’re a spreadsheet beginner or experienced pro, the Foundation Template is the easiest way to track expenses, plan your budget, and understand your financial trends and net worth over time. And because it’s based on Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, the Foundation Template is highly customizable. Add additional template sheets, run custom reports, and manage your money, your way.

  • See all your account balances, income, and expenses in one place.
  • Easily track expenses. See exactly where your money goes.  Always know what’s safe to spend.
  • Identify where you can save more money.
  • Understand how your income and net worth change over time.
  • Achieve your 2023 financial goals with a plan to prioritize spending, saving, and debt payoff, all based on your real-world trends.

10X Faster with Automation

The Foundation Template is exclusively powered by Tiller Money Feeds, so you don’t need to manually enter transactions or log into multiple accounts before you can review your budgets, spending, and account balances. 

Unlike any other spreadsheet budget of its kind, the Foundation Template automatically imports your daily spending, transactions, and account balances, so you can manage your budget 10X faster without data entry.

  • Securely connect 21,000+ banks to your Foundation Template.
  • Import your daily transactions with a click.
  • Your daily transactions flow into the Transactions Sheet (below) where they’re categorized by your custom rules.
  • Manage your budget in a spreadsheet 10X faster without data entry and logging into multiple accounts.

Automatic Transaction Categorization 

The Foundation Template uses AutoCat to automatically categorize your spending, transfers, and income into categories you choose, always 100% based on your custom rules.

  • Save time, keep your spreadsheets organized, and easily track your spending by category.
  • Unlike any other automated personal finance service, AutoCat only categorizes transactions based on your custom rules.
  • AutoCat is the only transaction auto-categorization engine for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.
  • Automatic transaction categorization is optional if you prefer manual categorization – use AutoCat to organize all, some, or none of your transactions. 

Quick Insights Sheet

insights sheet
Quick Insights Sheet in the Tiller Foundation Template for Microsoft Excel

See your fundamental financial trends at a glance. The Quick Insights sheet shows your spending and net worth trends from the previous 90 days of transaction data. It also shows the current balances of your three most active accounts based on 90 days of activity. The Insights dashboard provides a quick net worth calculation (assets – liabilities).

Other key features: 

  • See insights for the past month, quarter, year, or other customizable time period.
  • Review trends across all your linked financial sources.
  • Drill down into individual accounts.

Quick reports include:

  • Top 10 inflows by amount
  • Top 10 ten most active accounts
  • Top 10 outflows by amount
  • Top 10 category descriptions by amount

Categories Sheet

tiller foundation template 2022 google sheets categories simple browser
Category Sheet in the Foundation Template for Google Sheets

Transaction categories are the foundation of all financial tracking. Unlike any app, the Foundation Template empowers you to easily customize all your spending and income categories to perfectly represent how you think about your money.

  • Use up to 200 categories in Foundation Template’s Categories Sheet
  • Create, delete, and rename categories as needed
  • Use optional category groups and tags for even greater detail and control

Transactions Sheet

tiller foundation template 2022 google sheets transactions simple browser
Transactions Sheet in the Foundation Template for Google Sheets

See all your spending, income, and transfers in one unified Transactions Sheet, where you can easily review all your expenses at a glance.

  • View every transaction from all your accounts in one always-organized sheet.
  • Each transaction includes editable date, description, category, amount, and account ID data.
  • Search, filter, split, export, and delete transactions with ease.

Monthly Budget

tiller foundation template 2022 microsoft excel monthly budget simple browser
Monthly Budget Sheet in the Foundation Template for Microsoft Excel

The Monthly Budget provides a breakdown of planned vs actual spending and income as well as a planned vs actual cash flow analysis.

  • Visualize your budget by type, group, and category.
  • Quickly see what’s remaining for a category or if you’ve gone over budget.
  • See the percentage of your expense budget allocated to each group, line by line.
  • Easily toggle views to see your past budgets from the previous month and year.

Yearly Budget

tiller foundation template 2022 microsoft excel yearly budget simple browser
Yearly Budget Sheet in the Foundation Template for Microsoft Excel

Use the Yearly Budget to see your entire year’s budget, actuals, and available funds in a single view.

  • The Yearly Budget is updated with your actual spending.
  • See your entire year’s budget and get a cash flow analysis for each month and the entire year.
  • See a month-over-month review of your spending and budget comparison.


Account balance sheet

balances sheet foundation template 2021
Account Balances & Net Worth Sheet in the Foundation Template for Google Sheets

The Balances Sheet is a simple way to see all your latest balances and net worth at a glance. Track your debts and assets and chart your net worth over time.

  • See the daily balance on all your bank, credit card, brokerage, and loan accounts in one place.
  • View the daily and historic balances for all your connected accounts.
  • Track your debts and assets and chart your net worth over time. 

Installing the Foundation Template

The Foundation Template for Google Sheets and Excel is included with your Tiller subscription. You can install the Foundation Template from the Tiller Console after you start your free trial. Additionally, on Google Sheets, you can install (or reinstall) each of the Foundation Template’s sheets directly from the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

Customize Your Foundation Template

Extend your Foundation Template with dozens of free personal finance templates and workflows made by the Tiller Community. Or use your own custom charts, graphs, and reports. Change your fonts and colors. Use conditional formatting. No other automated personal finance service gives you as much control of how you track, analyze, and understand your money.

Tiller Community Solutions FAQ

Is this template free?

This is a free template created by a member of the Tiller Community. While it’s free for anyone to use, it’s designed for spreadsheets automated by Tiller. Additionally, it’s recommended for use within the Foundation Template.

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Does this template have any dependencies or special requirements?

This template for Google Sheets works best when installed in Tiller’s Foundation Template.

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