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Keep a clear view of your money in one place, track progress toward your financial goals, and make informed decisions about your spending, saving, and investing.

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“Hands-down the best, most flexible solution for my financial management. Use the Foundation Template as-is and keep it simple, or choose an endless variety of options to customize.”
★★★★★ Lisa Lea Alexander
Google Review February 29, 2024

A Foundation for Your Financial Life

The Foundation Template includes easy, prebuilt sheets for tracking your income, expenses, and budgets across all your accounts with custom categories:

Tiller Debt Payoff Planner Excel Template

3. Net Worth and Balances

Track daily changes to your assets, liabilities, and investments in one place and see your net worth trends over time.


5. Categories Sheet

Create, edit, and delete all your categories, groups, and tags with the most customizable rules of any personal finance service.

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4. Monthly and Yearly Budgets

Make a plan for your money with flexible, expertly crafted budget sheets. Automatic bank feeds keep your budget updated daily.

GS Transactions

6. Transactions Sheet

Always know where your money goes. See your recent spending totals, expenses by category, and a 30-day trends at a glance.

Powered by Tiller Money Feeds

Save time and say goodbye to data entry. The Foundation Template automatically tracks your daily spending, income, budget totals, and balances.

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5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I was a Mint user for years. With its sunsetting , I researched and tested a number of solutions. Tiller was exactly what I was looking for. The Foundation Template is a great start. I’ve also added my own sheets and was up and running very quickly. Much easier and more efficient than Mint. Very happy!”

Troy Danka
Google Review February 29, 2024

Using a spreadsheet for budgeting can lead to better saving habits

A recent Debt.com study found 70% of people who use a budget say they have more control over their money.

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