Foundation Template for Google Sheets

Budget and track all your personal finances in one place with this easily customized, automated template for Google Sheets.

A foundation for your financial life

The Foundation Template combines the most popular features of previous templates into a single, easy spreadsheet.

Make Your Budget

Includes easy sheets for creating monthly and yearly budgets.

Track Your Spending

See all your spending in one place, with one secure login.

See Your Money Trends

Save more money and never be surprised by a balance again.

Powerfully simple financial tracking.​

Both spreadsheet beginners and experts will appreciate prebuilt dashboards and reports for budgeting, net worth, balance history, and more.

Included with Foundation Template:

Instant Financial Insights​

Gain insights about spending and balance trends immediately after connecting Foundation Template to Tiller Money Feeds.

Net Worth at a Glance

Quickly visualize your net worth on the Insights sheet. Use the Balances sheet to see it broken down by your specific assets and liabilities.

Transactions Sheet

See your daily financial transactions powered by Tiller Money Feeds. Customize your sheet and quickly categorize transactions.

Balances and Balance History

Daily balances powered by Tiller Money Feeds bring all your accounts into a single place. Always know where you stand.

Monthly Budgets

Easily customize a monthly budget in minutes. Quickly see where how you’re doing and visualize your budget by type, group, and category.

 Yearly Budget

See your cash flow for an entire year in minutes. Review and fine tune your annual budget. Project cash flow for the year ahead.

Ultra-customizable Categories Sheet

Example categories get you started quickly, or create your own (up to 200). Assign budgets easily to categories in the Categories sheet.

Easy, Cloud-based Collaboration

Google Sheets makes it easy to collaborate, so you can easily share your template with your spouse, accountant, or business partner.

Every Tiller Money subscription includes:​

Powerful bank-grade security

Data is protected with bank-grade encryption and 2FA login. More 

Large help library

Access dozens of help docs, videos, and tutorials  help you succeed with Tiller.

Easy collaboration

Share spreadsheets with your spouse or financial planner at no extra cost.

Daily Email Account Updates

Get optional daily email summaries of transactions from all linked accounts.

Friendly human support

Our team is available via chat, email, and the Tiller Money Community.  

Auto Categorize with Autocat

Autocat can automatically categorize transactions based on custom rules.

The Foundation Template
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