Tiller Money Security Promise

1. Tiller is funded solely by your subscription fee.

You are our customer, not our product. We do not sell your data to advertisers or third parties. Detailed privacy policy → 


2. You sign in with your Google account for secure authentication.

When you create a Tiller account, you sign up with your Google account. No one can access your Tiller account unless they have access to your Google account.


3. Tiller supports 2-Step verification via Google Sign-in.

In addition to a secure password, we recommend enabling Google’s 2-step verification feature in your Google account. Learn More


4. Your data is protected with bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption.

Tiller’s servers encrypt your data with bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Our servers update your private, Tiller-connected Google Sheet or Excel workbook each day.


5. Tiller securely connects to financial sources via Yodlee.

9 of the 15 largest US banks use Yodlee to manage their financial data. Yodlee is a publicly traded company and has undergone 200 audits by financial institutions in the past 24 months.


6. Tiller does not see or store your bank credentials.

Your credentials are encrypted in your browser and passed directly to Yodlee. Yodlee provides a read-only token granting Tiller’s servers visibility into your transactions.


7. No person at Tiller will see see your data.

No one on Tiller’s team will see your private transaction data or your spreadsheets unless you override your default settings and specifically choose to share data with a Tiller analyst or support team.


8. Tiller is strictly read only and cannot move money.

Tiller has read-only access to your bank data. Tiller cannot move, transfer, or invest money. Tiller cannot create new accounts, or change passwords or permissions with any financial institution.


9. You’re the only one who can share your spreadsheets.

You are the only person who will see your Tiller-powered spreadsheets unless you deliberately share access with a spouse or financial planner.


10. Tiller’s team is committed to protecting your privacy.

Tiller is a nine-person team headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Your privacy and security is paramount to each of us and our families, all of whom use Tiller with our own finances. Meet the team →

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