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How Tiller Works FAQ

Tiller is the only personal finance service that automatically tracks your daily spending, income, transfers, and account balances in your own private Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Tiller also includes top-rated customer support, ultra-customizable automatic transaction categorization, a daily financial summary by email, and flexible templates for budgeting, debt payoff, expense tracking, net worth, and more.

To link your banks and spreadsheets with Tiller, you first authenticate your financial accounts from the secure Tiller Console. Many of the most popular institutions now support open banking, which Tiller helped introduce to the US market.

You then install the Tiller Money Feeds add-on for Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to connect your authenticated bank accounts to your spreadsheets.

Once connected, most bank feed settings can be managed directly from Google Sheets or Excel.

Tiller Money Feeds connects your financial accounts to your spreadsheets via an add-on for Google Sheets and an add-in for Microsoft Excel. 

Tiller Money Feeds then automatically imports your daily spending, account balances, and income and transfers them into your spreadsheets via autofill or with a click. 

By eliminating data entry and multiple account logins, Tiller Money Feeds makes tracking your money in a spreadsheet 10x faster and easier.

Tiller follows industry-leading protocols to protect your privacy and security. Tiller doesn’t sell your financial data, period. Learn more about security and privacy at Tiller.

Tiller is solely funded by your subscription. Unlike many personal finance services, Tiller does not sell your data to advertisers or third parties. Our customers are not our product. Detailed privacy policy → 

Using Tiller FAQ

Tiller imports data daily from over 21,000 credit unions, banks, credit cards, mortgages, loans, brokerages, and other financial sources.

Tiller supports over 21,000 institutions, from the biggest banks to small regional credit unions. New banks are added weekly.

The best way to know if your account is compatible is by testing it with a free trial. You can easily cancel if your bank isn’t supported. Our customer support team is here to help.

We currently support US-based banks only. However, in some cases, non-US-based financial institutions will work with Tiller’s aggregation services.
The exception is UK-based banks, which are currently incompatible with Tiller’s data provider.

Link and automate up to five spreadsheets at a time. Use one sheet to budget, another for freelance income, another for tracking net worth – whatever’s best for you. You can mix and match. You can manually unlink and re-link additional spreadsheets if you need more than five.

With Tiller, you can link unlimited personal bank accounts to your spreadsheets.

You can easily share access to your Tiller spreadsheet with your spouse or financial planner. And you don’t need to pay extra to do so. Use Google Sheets and Excel’s built-in sharing, permissions, and collaboration features online. Learn more

Tiller does not currently offer a dedicated smartphone app. However, the Tiller Community has built several mobile solutions, which you can read about here

Additionally, you can access your spreadsheets with mobile apps for Android and iPhone for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. 

Finally, you can use Glide to build a custom app based on your Tiller-powered spreadsheets.

Tiller’s Free Trial and Subscription FAQ

After a 30-day free trial, Tiller is $79/year – just $6.58/month.

Click to start your free trial

Tiller is completely free for your first 30 days. Your card isn’t charged until the end of your trial. You can easily cancel anytime.

Your trial subscription isn’t limited or throttled in any way.

If you cancel your trial, all data and templates you’ve downloaded during your trial are yours to keep. Click to start your free trial

Your annual Tiller subscription includes Tiller Money Feeds, the Foundation Template, automatic transaction categorization with AutoCat, a daily email summarizing your latest finances, top-rated customer support, dozens of free Tiller Community Templates, and access to the Tiller Community. 

Security is our most important concern. We validate your credit card as one of several steps in confirming ownership of your financial accounts. Your card is never charged until the end of your trial, and you can easily cancel anytime. Click here to start your free trial. 

Log in to the Tiller console and click cancel. Quick and easy.

No problem – our customer support team will reverse the charge and cancel your Tiller subscription.

While other tools monetize by showing ads and selling your data, Tiller is solely supported by your subscription. We do not sell ads or mine your financial information. As Tiller customer Maggie M. writes, “If a product is free, then you are the product – which I don’t want when it comes to money. That’s why I’m happy to pay for Tiller.”​​

Tiller is guaranteed. If Tiller isn’t helping you feel more confident about your money, contact support anytime for a full refund.

Sales tax will be added to your invoice after your free trial ends or when you renew your subscription if required in your state.

About Tiller FAQ

Tiller was founded in 2016 in Seattle by Peter Polson.

Today, Tiller thrives with an all-remote team in based in North Carolina, Washington, California, Colorado, Florida, and Vermont.

From the biggest boardrooms to kitchen tables around the world, spreadsheets are the most trusted, customizable, and powerful tool for organizing and analyzing financial data.

Spreadsheets can help you navigate your entire financial journey, from college to retirement.

So rather than make yet another app, Tiller focused instead on making spreadsheets faster, easier, and more accurate for everyday personal finance.

No, Tiller is not venture-funded. Our only obligation is to our subscribers and team. We have structured our business for sustainable profitability. Our focus is on providing a service our customers are eager to renew.

Tiller Support FAQ

Tiller’s customer success team is based in the U.S. and available by both email and chat. Tiller’s customer support is highly reviewed with an average 4.8-star rating in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

You can also ask questions and find answers in the Tiller Community. This is a great way to discover new ways to manage your money with Tiller and with spreadsheets in general.

Additionally, Tiller offers an extensive Help Docs library with powerful search.

This Help Doc explains Tiller’s support options and terms in detail.

Tiller Community FAQs

The Tiller Community is a large, vibrant group of people who use Tiller-powered spreadsheets to manage their money and enjoy exploring and discussing how to best track, analyze, and optimize their financial lives.

Community members ask and answer questions, share ideas and inspiration, and publish their custom Tiller templates and workflows for others to freely use and improve.

The Tiller Community is positive, friendly, and helpful. Our Community Forums are moderated by Tiller’s team, members of the Community, and moderation tools that flag abuse, hurtful language, and trolling behavior.

The entire Tiller team is active in the Community. We’re answering questions about Tiller’s tools and templates, and we’re also posting our questions, challenges, ideas, and workflows.

The Ask Anything category is the best place to ask a general question about Tiller. Or jump to the Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel categories for questions specific to those platforms.

Questions, feedback, and troubleshooting support for all Tiller Community Templates happens in the Community Forums.

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"There isn’t another tool on the market that does what Tiller can do.”
Will Hinton, Google Review October 30, 2023