Rename Your Accounts For Greater Financial Tracking Flexibility

A highly requested feature is now available in your Tiller Console! Assign an account nickname to accounts connected to Tiller for more flexible finance tracking. 

When it comes to tracking finances it can be useful to use custom names for your accounts.

The name “Bank of America Primary Interest Plus Checking” may not be very useful in the grand scheme of your money management spreadsheet. Even worse, if you have several of these accounts, it’s hard to keep track and remember which account is for which purpose.

Many of our customers have asked for the capability to rename their accounts or provide an account nickname for more control of their financial tracking. It’s finally here!

Now, from the Tiller Console, you can rename your connected accounts. Simply open your Account Summary, click the pencil icon next to an account name, type a new name, and press enter to save.

New versions of templates use the Account column


If you’re using a newer version of one of our templates then you’ll see the new account name populate into the Account column on the Transactions sheet, Balances sheet, and Balance History sheet after your next data refresh.

Existing rows with account name data will not update in your sheets.

However, if you create a new sheet after renaming accounts you’ll find your account names are updated in every row.

Quickly update your account names by sorting the Account column alphabetically and then use the quick fill method to modify all account names. You can use the same steps for quickly categorizing transactions to update these account names. Alternatively, you can also carefully use Find and Replace.


What if my template uses the Account Name column instead of Account?

Older versions of our templates use the Account Name column instead of the Account column. You can use the steps found here to update your existing sheets with the new account name or consider upgrading to a newer version of the template you’re using. You can use these steps to migrate your existing categorized transactions to a new version of a template.

Renaming accounts was a highly requested feature by many of you so we’re excited that it’s now available. Read the full help article on this feature for how best to use it. If you have any questions or suggestions about using the rename feature feel free to reach out to support via the chat window in the lower right corner of our website or by emailing

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