Google Sheets Innovators on Product Hunt

A round-up of Google Sheets innovators featured on Product Hunt - like us!

I love Product Hunt.

Product Hunt is a community-driven platform for curating and discovering useful tech tools, services, books, and podcasts. I search Product Hunt for apps that solve digital problems. I also often look at it for inspiration.

Tiller was “hunted” last year – view our Product Hunt page here. We still get a steady stream of web traffic from that page.

We recently rounded up fellow Google Sheets innovators who’ve been featured on Product Hunt. You can see our entire collection here, with some highlights below:

The Side Project Scoring Tool

A system to help creative people pick the right idea.

Product Hunt | Website | Direct Link to Google Sheet

The Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets

Master Google Sheets and become a spreadsheet expert.

Product Hunt | Amazon Link (Free eBook)

Amazon Price Tracker

Monitor availability and prices of products from any Amazon website inside a Google Sheet.

Product Hunt | Website


Access your Google Sheets from where you are. SheetAside is Chrome Extension. It allows you to access your Google Sheets from any tab, with a right-click. Can be used for manual leads collecting, research, and vocabulary building.

View on Product Hunt | Visit their Site

One Sheet CRM

Onesheet CRM is a free, simple and easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Google Sheets designed for small businesses to track sales and leads efficiently, with everything you need to close more deals with less effort.

Product Hunt | Website

Link Reclamation Tool

Find & reclaim unclaimed web mentions – great tool for marketers.

Product Hunt | Website

Cloud Snippets

Copy and paste code, power any site using Google Docs.

View on Product Hunt | Website

Automated Ad-Tracker Spreadsheets

Stop manually aggregating ad data. Automate any spreadsheet.

Product Hunt | Website


A client-side library for connecting Google Spreadsheets to a website and visualizing the information in tables and maps.

Product Hunt | Website

Google Workspace Marketplace

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Track all your accounts in one place, always know where your money goes, and confidently plan your financial future.

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