An Update on Tiller Community Recognitions

Introducing a new program for celebrating the most helpful and engaged members of the Tiller Community.

We are grateful for the helpfulness, curiosity, ingenuity, generosity, creativity, and goodwill you all bring to the Tiller Community.

Effective immediately, we have some exciting announcements to better recognize some of this community’s power users.

Super Heros

For nearly two years, we have recognized this community’s most active members, our Super Heros. We are excited to announce that improving the reward and reducing the thresholds for this recognition.


We have made some changes to our Super Hero recognition rewards.

New Super Heros receive:

  • Automatic entry into our Beta group
  • A Tiller t-shirt or hat (you choose)
  • A free year of Tiller 

After 3 months of sustained Super Hero status, we will send you a $50 gift card. With every subsequent 6 months of sustained status, we will send another $100 gift card.


Generally speaking, the group-membership thresholds are built around community activity both all-time and in the past 100 days. The metrics consider things like visits in the past 100 days, topics viewed, posts read, likes given, likes received, etc.

In the past, we had noticed that several incredible contributors were just shy of esoteric activity thresholds, precluding them from joining the Super Heros group. We have revisited the metric thresholds and have made some refinements to make qualification less fussy.

We announce new Super Heros at the start of each month. If you’re currently a “Champion” and are curious how close you are to Super Hero status, shoot me, @randy, a DM.

June 2022 Superhero Recognitions

Without further ado, here are our June 2022 Superhero recognitions:

  • @Brad.warren passed the 6-month milestone as a superhero. He’s actually in his seventh month! You have seen Brad’s contributions all over the community. He is incredibly active and responsive on topics such as Ask Anything and Google Sheets. As a Tiller-beta user (another superhero perk 😉), he provides great feedback on features in our development pipeline. And, as a builder, Brad shared the amazing Category Schedule template as part of our ​​2021 Spreadsheet Builders’ Challenge. Brad has more than earned a $100 gift card.
  • Let’s give a fond welcome to @yossiea, our newest superhero. Joseph has grown into a Tiller framework & ecosystem expert, responsively offering guidance and feedback to users on how to accomplish their goals. He is also providing great feedback in the Tiller Beta channel especially on exciting upcoming features like Autocat in Excel. Joseph earned a one-year subscription extension.
  • One final— almost— recognition, superhero @jpfieber is just a month away from his six-month superhero anniversary. See you in this thread next month, Joseph…


In addition to Super Heros, we are excited to announce Builders as a new cohort of VIPs. Builders contribute templates, workflows, and solutions that bring Tiller to life and help new & busy users accomplish challenging problems faster and easier.

We would love any and all Community members to share templates, solutions, and tools in our Google Sheets And Microsoft Excel Show & Tell Categories.

We feature the most outstanding solutions in our website gallery (Excel and Google Sheets) and the Tiller Community Solutions add-on (currently just Google Sheets). If you think your Community solution should be considered for a listing in the gallery or add-on, make sure it conforms to the submission guidelines and make a request

When recognizing the most outstanding submissions, we consider:

  • Value of concept to the personal-finance community
  • Value & quality of Tiller integration
  • The uniqueness of concept vision
  • User experience & usability
  • Solution build quality
  • Quality of support documentation in your Show & Tell topic

We can only accept spreadsheet templates without scripts at this time.


If your solution is accepted for inclusion in our gallery, you’ll receive:

  • Automatic entry into our Beta group
  • A builder Community Builder badge
  • A $200 gift card

June 2022 Builder Recognitions

Finally, we are retroactively recognizing @jpfieber for the three(!) templates he shared in March 2022:

These three templates were the first templates built independently by a community member that is included in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on, where they can be easily discovered, installed, and updated. They have already been installed hundreds of times by community members.

Joseph, for your efforts, we will send you three $200 gift certificates (for a total of $600). Thank you for sharing these powerful personal-finance workflows.

If you’d like to share something you built and publish it in the add-on, learn how here.

Calling All Excel Builders…

And, don’t forget, that we are currently running our 2022 Microsoft Excel Builders Challenge which features rolling prizes. It’s a great time to be a Builder. 

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    @jpfieber @Brad.warren @yossiea thank you for your awesome contribution to the Tiller Community. Money can be complex and intimidating. The Tiller Community is a home for people to share, learn, and inspire. You’re a pillar of this Community, and you’re helping more people than you know!

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