The Best Google Sheets Templates are Powered by Tiller Money

Google Sheets templates from Tiller Money include financial automation, live human help, and a team of dedicated developers.


Without a doubt, spreadsheets are the most powerful, customizable tool for managing money.

While companies like Coda are working to disrupt spreadsheets, Excel and Google still rule the spreadsheet universe. Google Sheets currently has a much smaller market share than Excel, but it’s starting to catch up.

Our research finds younger people are more likely to favor Google spreadsheets for budgeting. And more than 3 million businesses use Google’s cloud-based productivity apps, including behemoths Verizon,, the City of Los Angeles, semiconductor maker Avago Technologies, and, of course, Google itself.

Beyond customizability, our other favorite Sheets features include:

  • Secure – Google has an excellent and proactive track record of protecting user data in Google Drive.
  • Great developer and enthusiast community.
  • Portable – you can access, create, and edit your spreadsheets wherever you go, from your phone, tablet, or computer — even when there’s no internet connection via offline mode.
  • Great learning resources.
  • Plus, Google Sheets is free for individuals.

How Tiller Money Makes Google Sheets Templates Even Better

Google Sheets is a great platform – but Tiller Money makes it better. Here’s how.


Tiller is the only service that automatically imports your bank and financial transactions into Google Sheets. This removes the tedious manual task of uploading CSV files such as bank and credit card statements. It also gets rid of cutting and pasting data from one financial sheet to another.

Automation doesn’t just make Google Sheets easier – it makes the platform far more useful as a spending tracker, budgeting tool, and net worth tracker.

With the power of Tiller’s automation, Google Sheets becomes a brilliant financial dashboard. Connect all your financial accounts to review your financial progress at a glance in one screen.

And, of course, you can heavily customize your Tiller-powered Google Sheet templates. Create your own automatic classification rules. Make your own charts. Decide exactly how you want your sheet to work.

Team of Dedicated Developers

Google Sheets Developers

You can find hundreds of free Sheets templates scattered across the internet. Most are offered as-is. It’s up to you to make improvements, solve formula errors, fix bugs, and integrate the latest Google Sheets functionality.

This DIY aspect doesn’t necessarily deter spreadsheet users. They tend to enjoy figuring things out for themselves. However, life is busy. Sometimes you want things to just work. And when they don’t work, you want an expert to quickly and efficiently fix them.

Tiller has a team of full-time developers dedicated to designing, improving, and maintaining our Google Sheets templates. (That’s why our templates are so highly rated.)

Tiller’s developers are active in the Google Developers community. They are always innovating with Google Sheets. For example, our recent AutoCat Add-on makes it painless to create custom rules for categorizing spending in Tiller-powered Spreadsheets.

Human Help


Tiller has several levels of help and support. Our Google Sheets templates are well-documented with support articles and videos in our help library. We post Google Sheets tips and ideas on our blog. We have an extensive, frequently-updated FAQ.

But we also have human support. You can access human help via the Intercom chat widget on the bottom right side of our site. You can also email

You can also reach out to us on Twitter and via Facebook messenger (though it’s more efficient to email us or use the Intercom widget).

Get Started

View our five Google Sheets templates for finance here. Need guidance? Get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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