Introducing Our Frugal Family Finance Spreadsheet Budget

We’ve partnered with Lauren and Mark Greutman, longtime spreadsheet fans, to bring you a new budgeting template. With a focus on frugal living centered on your values, you can quickly set up your budget and track your progress.
Frugal Family Finance Spreadsheet Budget

Lauren and Mark Greutman understand what it means to be in financial distress.

When chasing the American Dream led to an economic family crisis for them, the Greutmans turned the tables with some simple and effective budgeting strategies. Their methods focused on spending according to their values and living a simpler, healthier life. Lauren is now a regular guest on the TODAY Show where she shares insightful strategies for healthy family finances.

The Perfect Finance Partnership

Peter first met Lauren at the FinCon 2016 Conference in San Diego, but we’d long known about the magic she and Mark had worked to get their family out of debt. She enthusiastically introduced herself to Peter and exclaimed how much Mark was enjoying using Tiller. From there a partnership was born.

Shortly after Mark and Peter started collaborating on a way to bring the Greutmans’ frugal finance budget strategy to a spreadsheet fueled by Tiller’s daily automatic transaction feed. After several phone calls and template iterations we’re thrilled to be able to share this new budgeting template with you. It’s based on their frugal family lifestyle and aims to help you stay on track and live within your means. At the core, this template allows you to set up a monthly budget and keep track of your progress from a dashboard.





The key with any of our templates is monitoring and categorizing your transactions. This regular step is quick and easy, and it’s essential for building awareness around your spending so you can live according to your values and stick to your budget.

Take it for a spin

You can read more about the template here or give it a spin from your dashboard at Learn more about Mark and Lauren and their new budgeting course at

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