Category Rollup Report for Google Sheets

Meta description Get a detailed view of your finances for a selected time period organized by type, group, and category. The Category Rollup report is also great for itemized deduction reporting during tax time.

About the Category Rollup Report

The Category Rollup report organizes your financial data based on the configuration settings you chose and then by type (income, expense, or transfer), group, category, and then the transaction details including date, description, amount, and note.

The Category Rollup Report is a static view of your data. It’s perfect for archiving reports by set time periods. If you make changes to the transactions sheet (like recategorizing transactions or adding in manual transactions) after the report has already been generated, the report will not automatically update with those changes.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for rdy373 rdy373 says:

    @heather Is there a way to get the transaction notes to show up in the category rollup? I noticed a “Note” field on the category rollup, but it doesn’t seem to pull the note from the line from the transactions. It would be helpful when reviewing the rollup, because I do make notes on some transactions

  2. @rdy373,

    I think that the column header in Transactions has to be just “Note” and it will pull it in vs plural “Notes” - it’s just pulling from a column called Note.

  3. Avatar for jono jono says:

    Hi @galatic_incipient,
    As @Heather mentioned, I did provide an example on how to email yourself a sheet in that post several years ago. That particular script would only work with a specific template but it shows the necessary Google Script code and process to send automatic emails.

    As far as using it with the Category Rollup Report, there would need to be an additional step. Since this sheet needs to be manually generated and doesn’t automatically update, the script would also have to generate the report every two weeks and then email it. Google Scripts can certainly make something like that happen.

  4. Avatar for randy randy says:

    That’s strange, @max.coblentz. I’m not able to reproduce this error either and I’m also not seeing anything suspicious in the logs.

    Could you try two things:

    1. Unhide the sheet called Report Template: Category Rollup and delete it? (When you run the report generator, it will pull in a new version of this template.)
    2. Delete or rename a sheet named Category Rollup Reportif one exists. (The script should flag this and work around an existing sheet… but you can’t be too careful.)

    Then re-run the report.

    Hoping this helps.

  5. It would be great if there was a checkbox on Labs side panel that allowed you to select “Always Overwrite Existing Category Rollup Report” so power users could avoid the pop up window.

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