Category Tracker Report for Google Sheets

Build a pie chart visualizing your spending and income over a completely customizable date range with the Category Tracker Report for Google Sheets.

About the Category Tracker Report

The Category Tracker Template is a powerful yet simple way to understand your spending and cash flow over a configurable time period. It’s one of the most popular Tiller Community templates.

Using the Category Tracker Report

Use this template to build a pie chart visualizing your spending and income in each of your transaction categories over a customizable date range.

The template also lists your category totals, income, expenses, transfers, and net cash flow for your selected time period.

Support & Documentation

View documentation for the Category Tracker Report here the Tiller Community


This is a free template built by a member of the Tiller Community. While it’s free for anyone to use, it’s designed for spreadsheets automated by Tiller. Additionally, it’s recommended for use within the Foundation Template.

Tiller is the only automated personal finance service for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Tiller automatically imports your daily spending, income, and balances in your spreadsheets, so you can see all your finances in one place and manage your money, your way. Learn more →

Unless otherwise noted above, this free template is installed with the Tiller Community Solutions add-on for Google Sheets. It's an easy way to browse and install dozens of free, prebuilt sheets for tracking budgets, debt payoff goals, net worth, savings, and more, all from the Google Sheets sidebar.

This template for Excel works best when installed in Tiller’s Foundation Template.

Visit the Tiller Community with any questions about this template.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for cedrus cedrus says:

    @heather Any chance that a date column could be added to to this between columns C & D? When I run the report, it would be more helpful for it to also pull in the date of the transaction rather than just the transaction name and the amount.

  2. Heather asked me to tag @jono

    I found a problem with the formula in the Category Tracker sheet.

    The category summary for the period has in incorrect formula. Cell A7 should be =iferror(QUERY($G$7:$I$200,“SELECT G, H WHERE I<>‘Hide’ AND G<>’’ ORDER BY G ASC LABEL G ‘’, H ‘’”, -1),"") It is currently starting on $G$8, so the first category is skipped from the period summary.



  3. BTW – I had just installed this solution, so it should be the latest version.

  4. Avatar for jono jono says:

    Hi @brenttempleton,
    Thanks for catching this error. You are correct that the formula had the wrong cell reference.

    I have fixed the sheet to Version 2.02, which will correct this error. It is available now.


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