Net Worth Snapshot Sheet

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Monitor your net worth, see how it’s changing, and compare your net worth on any selected day.

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Net Worth Spreadsheet

About the Net Worth Snapshot Sheet

Monitor and compare your Net Worth. This sheet can supplement the existing Net Worth, Accounts, and Balances sheets to give you greater information on how your Net Worth is changing.

This sheet shows your Net Worth on any selected day. It looks for the most recent account balance for all your accounts in the Balance History sheet based on the selected day.

In addition to viewing just one day, you can compare your Net Worth on any two selected days. Put the earlier date on the top Reference Date row and the later date in the Comparison Date row. Then you will get accurate balance Amount Changes and Percent Changes in the chart as well.

  • Options for Reference Date include End of Last Year, Today, 12 Months Ago, or any custom date.
  • Options for the Comparison Date include Today, None, or a custom date

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Net Worth and Investing

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