Best Mint Alternative Without Ads

Looking for the best Mint alternative without ads?

Meet Tiller. It’s the first automated personal finance platform for Google Sheets. Easily track all your accounts in one place, customize everything, and collaborate with anyone.

Big Feature

Your financial life in Google Sheets, automatically

Focus on your finances, not data entry. Tiller updates Google Sheets with your daily spending, transactions, and balances. It’s the fastest way to manage your money with the control of a spreadsheet.

Tiller Snapshot

Tiller’s offer: “Total control of your financial data, automatically organized in one place, with everything customizable, strict privacy, and no ads.”

Who it’s best for: People who want to track all their accounts in one place with the option of customizing everything and digging into their financial data.

Pros: Highly customizable, no ads, personal finance templates, easy collaboration

Cons: Annual subscription fee, some people simply don’t like spreadsheets

Mint Snapshot

Mint’s offer: “All your accounts, bills, and more, so you can conveniently manage your finances from one dashboard.”

Who it’s best for: People starting out with budgeting and tracking finances, people who only need a few simple reports, people who don’t want to dig into their data.

Pros: Solid app, easy to set up, credit report updates, bill pay alert

Cons: Lots of ads, monetized by user data, very limited customization, limited to one user

“Tiller Money is an entirely subscription-based service, so all its revenue comes from customers who pay for an account. It doesn’t show ads, recommend affiliate products, or sell your data.”

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What Mint and Tiller
have in common:

  • Automated account aggregation
  • Automatic categorization
  • Track bank, credit card, mortgage, loans, brokerage, IRA, and investment accounts
  • Make a budget & track net worth
  • Strong, bank-grade security
  • Securely login with 2FA
  • See everything in one place, anywhere you get online
  • Emails with recent activity from all accounts

Key differences


  • Not free: The service is paid for by a $79 flat annual subscription after a free 30-day trial
  • No built-in credit reports
  • Bill tracker is manually installed
  • Spreadsheets deter some people

Mint App

  • Many ads: Mint monetizes via user data and “special partner offers” that can’t be blocked
  • Little control of categories
  • Very few customization options
  • Very limited reports

“The biggest reason for quitting My financial circumstances didn’t fit. As a freelancer, my monthly earnings fluctuate from month-to-month and trying to stick to a set-in-stone budget just isn’t doable. I needed a more flexible tool to fit with my family’s finances.”



Why You’ll Love Tiller

Track your financial life all in one place, create unlimited reports, and customize everything, all with strict privacy and no ads.

No Annoying Ads

Mint is a free service that earns revenue from monetizing user data and selling ads. But Tiller Money is solely supported by user subscriptions, and never shows ads or sells customer data.

Mint Advertising Disclosure V2

Total Control of Categories, Transactions, and Your Balance Sheet

Mint doesn’t let you delete or rename default categories. You can’t delete transactions or modify your balance sheet. But with spreadsheets powered by Tiller Money, you have total control of categories. You can also use custom category groups and tags.

Transactions Tiller Money

Automatic Categorization Based on Your Rules, Not Mint’s

Mint attempts to automatically categorize your transactions, leading to errors requiring manual fixes. But with Tiller Money, you have total control of categorization rules. You can even choose automatic, on-demand, or zero categorization.

Total By Cateogry

Better Reporting and Graphs

Mint offers just a few graphs that can’t be customized. (You can’t even make a simple profit and loss report.) But Tiller Money offers dozens of customizable reports. Plus you can use any of the hundreds of reports, charts, and graphs available for Google Sheets.

Real-time Collaboration

Mint is designed to track individual accounts. But Tiller Money offers all the collaboration features of Google Sheets, so you can securely share your spreadsheets with your spouse or bookkeeper.

Share Your Google Sheet

Highly Adjustable Budgets

Unlike Mint, Tiller Money lets you budget with custom time periods and lumpy income.

Budget With Any Approach

Tiller Money supports every type of budget, including envelope, 50/30/20, and your own custom approach.

Cash Flow Tracking Tools

Mint has no cash flow tools or running account balance tracking, while Tiller Money offers both.

Track Multiple Goals

From saving more to paying down debt, you can track all your financial goals in one place with Tiller Money.

Use Custom Scripts

Use custom Google Sheets scripts to trigger alerts, automate reports, or anything else you can think of.

Export Data Anytime

Easily export your data anytime in multiple formats, including CSV, XLXS, HTML, PDF.

Customize Your Balance Sheet

Build your balance sheet your way, reflecting your assets and liabilities in a way that makes sense to you.

Upgrade, use add-ons, extend

Add new features to your dashboard with Google Sheets add-ons, formulas, and free templates.

Seamless Revision Control

Your data is backed up in real time. Restore, download ,and archive your backups with a click.

Filter Transactions by Date

Mint can’t filter transactions by date. But Tiller Money offers many ways to filter and sort your data.

Easily Import Data from Other Tools

Use Google Sheets’ flexible import options, or Tiller Money Labs Import CSV tool.

You Control Your Data

You’re always in control of your data with Tiller Money. You keep you data and spreadsheets even if you cancel. Google Drive.

You get complete control and customization with Tiller Money powering your spreadsheet. You tailor the spreadsheet to exactly what you want and they pull in the data so you avoid the manual data entry. I use a spreadsheet for this very reason.”

Jim Wang, Wallet Hacks


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