3 Awesome Google Sheets Collaboration Features

We don’t often think about our finances as collaborative, but when you share money with a spouse or business partner, or just need your accountant to take a quick look, it’s necessary to share your financial details. Google Sheets makes this inherently easy, and these three quick tricks will enhance your financial collaborations.

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We’ve often talked about the amazing collaboration features of a Google Sheet.

It’s part of why we love Google Sheets so much. We’ve covered the ins and outs of how to share your sheet, and took a quick look at the advanced permissions, but there are some other really awesome collaboration features in Google Sheets that we want to explore in this post.

Quickly find your collaborator in the sheet

Perhaps you’re working in a Google Sheet with a spouse or accountant and they’re trying to show you something. How can you possibly figure out where they are in the document? It’s like a needle in a haystack!

You could of course say, “Hi Molly, I’m in the Transactions sheet, row 353, column H, do you see me there?” However, that’s not a super efficient way to track them down. Google Sheets solves this riddle with one click.

An avatar is displayed in the upper right for each person that has the sheet open (other than yourself of course). If you click this avatar it’ll take you directly to the cell where the other person is in the sheet. You’ll see the cell outlined in the same color that corresponds to their avatar at the top. No guessing or explaining involved, just one click and you can start discussing the details.


Timebox your sharing


Google Sheets also makes it super easy to automatically remove permissions for someone after a customizable time period. Perhaps you don’t want your accountant to have access to your financial spreadsheet template after 90 days.

With the sharing settings open, you can set this by clicking the pencil icon to edit, and then choose “set expiration.” You can have the permissions expire in 7 days, 30 days or a custom date.

Collaborate with comments

Perhaps you and your spouse track your spending together using a Tiller finance spreadsheet. If you find that there’s a transaction in the list you’re not quite sure how to categorize you might want to ask your spouse. You can easily add a comment on any cell in your Google Sheet. It’s a great way to ask without having to remember the next time you see him!


Simply select the cell where you’d like to leave a comment and click the Insert Comment button in the main Google Sheets toolbar or from the insert menu. If your collaborators have edit or commenting permissions they can reply to the comment to answer your question.

These are just a few of the awesome sharing features of Google Sheets, and with Tiller it’s never been easier to collaborate on your finances!

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