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How a Google Sheets Expert Uses Tiller to Track Family Finances


Ben Collins is our go-to Google Sheets expert.

We’ve previously shared some of his top Google Sheets tricks, and also recommended his free Google Sheets beginner course.

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Today we want to share a post he just wrote about how he uses Tiller with his wife to manage their family finances.

“My wife and I found it challenging to find time to manage our family finances. We’ve had those frustrating conversations, knowing that if we had better insights into our financial habits we could do a much better job at financial planning.”

Ben Collins

Being the Google Sheets expert and data scientist that he is, Ben designed his own Tiller-based workflow with custom reports:

“I want to show you how we created a system in Google Sheets for tracking our spending habits. It now only takes us about 10 or 15 minutes each week, so we can focus on understanding our financial situation better, and maximize our saving.”

We always love to see how people use Tiller. (Contact us to share your workflow!) It’s very cool to see how Ben uses checkboxes to control which spending categories to show up in his charts.

Read Ben’s post and learn some new Google Sheets/budgeting tricks here: “How we manage our family finances with Google Sheets”

“We can see all of our financial transactions in one place and do our own custom analysis in Google Sheets.” – Ben L. Collins

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