Quick Financial Insights Spreadsheet

The Quick Insights Spreadsheet provides immediate insights into your financial standing, spending, and net worth. This sheet is part of the Foundation Template.

See your fundamental financial trends at a glance. The Quick Insights sheet is part of the powerful Foundation Template. It shows your spending and net worth trends from the previous 90 days of transaction data. It also shows the current balances of your three most active accounts based on 90 days of transaction activity. Other key features:

Net Worth Dashboard

The Insights dashboard also provides a quick net worth calculation (assets – liabilities) based on accounts you’ve linked for automated feeds to this sheet. You can also manually track accounts with this sheet.

Transaction Analyzer

See automatic insights for the past month, quarter, year, or other customizable time period. Review trends across all your linked financial sources or drill down into individual accounts. Instant reports include:

  • top 10 inflows by amount
  • top 10 ten most active accounts
  • top 10 outflows by amount
  • top 10 category descriptions by amount

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