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Over on our blog, we’ve curated some of the best videos, workbooks, tv shows, and interactive apps for teaching your kids about money.

If there’s a resource you recommend for teaching money, we’d love for you to share it!

Have questions about using Tiller Money? Want to learn from questions others might ask? Join our new video series!

Here ‘s a free Google Sheet with 145 #sidehustle ideas, organized by earning potential, start-up costs, even if they can become a full-time business.  Use it to discover and rank opportunities that might work for you. See it here

“With no advertising and ultra-customizable templates, Tiller Money builds on the power of Google Sheets to take your money to the next level.” Read the full review from Club Thrifty

Sign up for a new webinar series on using Tiller Money to quickly understand cash flow, plan scenarios, collaborate with your spouse, and more. Register even if you can’t attend and we’ll send a link to the video. See you there!

Understanding your cash flow during times of financial uncertainty can be a huge stress relief. Here on our blog, we’ve shared a workflow for adapting our Foundation Template to model various cash flow scenarios based on custom inputs.

How to feel better financially prepared by taking a simple cash flow inventory, and other calming personal finance advice from the founder of Tiller Money →

At Tiller Money, we know our work is more important than ever. We’re here for our customers with additional support resources. And we’re taking care of our team with flexible schedules to manage increased family obligations. Details.

Don’t panic, prepare: here are five simple tips for easing coronavirus anxiety around money so you can focus on what’s most important. 

“Tiller Money has helped my clients stay organized, and helped me build better and more suitable financial plans by finally understanding where their cash flow it going. In fact, I was so impressed with it, that I’m now also an avid user of Tiller Money for my own household!” Read CFP® Lindsay Bourkoff’s  detailed review at

“When you connect your accounts to Tiller Money, your spreadsheet is a one-stop shop for all of your finances. You don’t need to log into online banking or constantly check account balances. Tiller Money can tell you everything you need to know. And it updates your spreadsheet daily, with very little work on your part.” – Jamie Griffin. Read the entire review

Here are useful tips for tracking Airbnb expenses to help maximize income tax deductions and make filing easier. More 

Read Ray Dalio’s thoughtful article “My Thoughts About the Coronavirus

A new survey from Tiller Money finds 25 – 30% of Americans are rethinking how they save, invest, and track their finances because of coronavirus. And 32% say coronavirus makes them feel more conservative about using their money. Has coronavirus changed how you think about your financial life?


“The more people I talk to about budgeting, the more I hear that people desire a spreadsheet-based budget without all the manual work that comes with it.” David Carlson,

Share your #WinningWorkflow for tracking #personalfinances with #spreadsheets powered by Tiller Money Feeds and win a free annual subscription. New winners picked monthly! 

The @TillerHQ team is excited to participate in SheetsCon 2020, the world’s first, dedicated online conference for #GoogleSheets users. It’s going to be a truly fantastic event.

“Finally a Synced Spreadsheet Budget! When you add Tiller Money to your spreadsheet software of choice, you get a wealth of features that let interact with your spreadsheets in ways you never realized were possible.” – thanks for the great review, @genymoneyman.

Your finances are always organized for tax time with Tiller Money →

Read the review at

Because Tiller Money is based in Google Sheets, it’s super easy to track finances and collaborate with your spouse or financial planner. Click to read Dollar Sprout’s review

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