Introducing the Tiller Community Solutions Gallery

The new Tiller Community Solutions Gallery is an easy way to browse dozens of personal finance templates powered by Tiller and created by the Tiller Community.

tiller community solutions

Here at Tiller, we love it when people build and share their Tiller-powered solutions.

We especially love how these independent solutions help others better understand their money. (For example, the Retirement Planning Spreadsheet from Jon O.)

From the beginning, we wanted to empower people to take control of their finances with the most flexible solution possible – spreadsheets with automated feeds and awesome templates, all wrapped in a subscription service that works to protect your privacy. 

So over the next several weeks, we’ll be rolling out a series of product updates and announcements that double down on our commitment to the Tiller Community and to builders. We’re making it easier to build with Tiller, and we’re making it easier to discover Community Solutions created by others. 

First, we’re launching a new Tiller Community Solutions Gallery on our website. It’s an easy way to browse and discover many of the templates people have built to work with Tiller.

We’re keeping an eye out for new solutions to curate in the Gallery.

If you have a Tiller-powered solution you’d like to showcase in the Gallery,  send a message to Randy H. in the Tiller Community.  This new gallery will be the most visible place to discover the best Community Solutions. 

tiller community gallery

Second, we will be renaming the Tiller Money Labs add-on to Tiller Community Solutions. Labs first launched as a playground for our team to build. Our renewed energy around the Community recognizes that you are builders too. Now we’re all building Tiller Community solutions together. 

We will be announcing further exciting updates and initiatives around Tiller Community Solutions in the weeks and months ahead. 

Stay tuned, keep tracking, keep building, and (as always) share your thoughts right here in the Tiller Community!

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