The 40+ Best Podcasts About Money and Personal Finance for 2023

Browse these top-recommended personal finance, investing, and wealth podcasts that will make you smarter and more informed about your money.

At least once per week, someone on the Tiller team is asked to recommend a good personal finance podcast.

Indeed, more people ask us about personal finance podcasts than about books or blogs. Podcasts are a perfect way to feed your mind during a drive or commute, or while working around the house.

Podcasts have a unique power to reveal the human story in economics, money, and investing. They can teach something new, offer a fresh perspective, and even inspire.

Each of the financial podcasts below has a unique voice and explores a slightly different facet of money, wealth, investing, and economics.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts

Podcast Money Cafe 1

The Stacking Benjamins Show

Hosts: Joe Saul-Sehy, Twitter

Created live from Joe’s mom’s half-finished basement….you’ll hear a parade of financial headlines, personal finance experts, creatives, and people with stories that inspire us. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy & OG meet at the card table and bring you guests, trivia, your letters about saving, investing, and risk management, and much more.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Journey to Launch

Host: Jamila Souffrant

As a money expert who “walks her talk,” Jamila Souffrant helps brave Journeyers; gain clarity around their finances and create an actionable plan to reach their goals. Her mission is to teach, inspire and help others reach Financial Freedom. The Journey To Launch podcast explores all aspects of reaching Financial Freedom; from increasing income, becoming tax efficient, paying off debt, investing, saving & learning how to retire early and wealthy.

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Everyone’s Talkin’ Money

Host: Shannah Compton Game

Everyone’s Talkin’ Money is an independent personal finance podcast where you’ll hear money stories that are relevant, inclusive, and forward-thinking. Everyone’s Talkin’ Money is the place to learn all those things about money that no one ever taught you (but you’re dying to know) like unique money tips, ways to save money and reach goals, how to build wealth at any age, money wellness tips, how not stress out so much about money, financial inclusion, how to invest wisely, marriage and money tips and so much more.

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Real Personal Finance 

Hosts: Scott Frank and James Conole

With all of the misinformation and jargon in the financial industry, it’s no wonder most people are confused about how to best manage their money. James and Scott, both Certified Financial Planners®, give clear answers to the important questions they hear most often. If you’re ready to use your finances to create a more secure financial future, this show is for you.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Jill on Money with Jill Schlesinger

Host Jill Schlesinger, CFP®, tackles sometimes uncomfortable and even controversial money and investing issues, without the financial jargon, to get to the heart of what’s important for anyone to know. Jill takes listener phone calls and interviews informative and entertaining guests each week to uncover surprising insights and provide actionable information so you can make the most of your money.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Host: Farnoosh Torabi

Host Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning financial strategist, TV host and bestselling author. With over 25 million downloads, So Money is dedicated to sharing inspiring money strategies and stories straight from today’s financial leaders, bestselling authors and entrepreneurs. 

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

DIY Money

Host: Quint Tatro and Daniel Czulno

A passionate look at everything money from budgeting, savings, investing, stocks, bonds, debt. For those that enjoy Dave Ramsey, Jill On Money, Smart Money, BiggerPockets it’s worth a listen!

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Money Confidential

Host: Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez, Twitter

Each week, Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez, a nationally recognized money expert, delves into your (confidential) money problems and delivers smart, practical, and completely doable solutions that will help you work toward your ultimate financial goals

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

The Personal Finance Podcast

Host: Andrew Giancola

Since 2013, Andrew has been sharing the wins and losses of his personal finance journey. You will learn how to invest to create wealth in stocks, index funds, real estate, building businesses, and side-hustles. You will learn how to save more money, get a raise, set up simple budgets, build habits, personal growth, and money hacks that will take you to the next level with your finances. Take control of your money so you can live a stress-free, rich life.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Financial Feminist | Her First 100k

Host: Tori Dunlap, Twitter

Money expert Tori Dunlap guides you on how to make more, spend less, and feel financially confident in a world run by rich white men. Through solo episodes and special guest interviews, you’ll walk away with resources to get, save, and grow money to gain financial freedom. Fighting the patriarchy by making you rich.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Yo Quiero Dinero: Personal Finance for Latinas

Host: Janesse Torres

Hosted by Jannese Torres, Latina money expert, entrepreneur, & business coach, Yo Quiero Dinero is an award-winning personal finance podcast that empowers listeners on topics like entrepreneurship, investing, financial independence & money mindset. Known as “the swaggiest personal finance podcast”, each week you’ll hear episodes brimming with POC-friendly personal finance knowledge, served with sazón! 

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The Money with Katie Show


Join Money with Katie and her guests as they talk spending habits, smart investing, and tax strategies – without putting you to sleep. Listen weekly on Wednesdays to learn how to turn your Rich Girl mindset into money.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

The Rob Berger Show

Host: Rob Berger

Rather than forcing you into a one-size-fits-all financial plan, the host of the Dough Roller Money Podcast discusses the tools, resources, and strategies that will empower you to make the best money decisions for you and your family.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

HerMoney with Jean Chatzky

Host: Jean Chatzky

In her frank, often funny, but always compassionate way, Jean Chatzky takes every audience of women through the steps they need to take today to live comfortably (and worry-free) tomorrow, offering the latest research, expert tips and personal advice.

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Rich and Regular with Kiersten and Julien Saunders

Host: Kiersten and Julien Saunders

Sure, it would be great to be famous. But there’s a lot you can do on your income if you’re smart about it. Kiersten and Julien Saunders give out tips and tricks but also dive deeper into the concepts behind wise money management.

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Best Investing Podcasts

Money and Investing Show

Rich Dad Radio Show

Host: Robert Kiyosaki

Frustrated and frightened by the financial advice being given by the mainstream talking heads, Robert Kiyosaki sits down with professionals from the world of money, investing, business, and personal development. Listeners will be provided various viewpoints on how to set themselves up for financial success. 

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

We Study Billionaires

Interviews and studies of famous financial billionaires, including Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and Howard Marks and learning how you can apply their investment strategies in the stock market.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Invest Like the Best with Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Conversations with the best investors and business leaders in the world, exploring their ideas, methods, and stories to help you better invest your time and money. Hear stock market and boardroom insights you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re a professional investor, CEO, entrepreneur, or business strategist, this is for you. 

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Money for the Rest of Us

Host: J. David Stein

A personal finance and investing podcast on money, how it works, how to invest it and how to live without worrying about it. J. David Stein is a former Chief Investment Strategist and money manager. For close to two decades, he has been teaching individuals and institutions how to invest and handle their finances in ways that are simple to understand.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website


Host: Adam Taggart

Learn about money and the markets from leading investors around the world, and discover how to build a more resilient, long-term plan for your investment portfolio. 

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

The Meb Faber Show

Host: Meb Faber

Meb will help you interpret global equity, bond, and commodity markets just like the pros. Whether it’s smart beta, trend following, value investing, or any other timely market topic, each week you’ll hear real market wisdom from the smartest minds in investing today.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

CNBC’s Fast Money Podcast

Host: Melissa Lee

Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to bring you the actionable news that matters most to investors.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Amazon Music | Website

Not Investment Advice Podcast 

Jack Butcher, Bilal Zaidi & Trung Phan discuss what they’re finding on the edges of the internet + the latest in business, technology and memes

This one is a suggestion from Douglas Boneparth: Not Investment Advice Podcast – “My friends Bilal Zaidi, Jack Butcher and Trung Phan get together discuss what they’ve dug up from the trenches of the internet on their wildly smart and entertaining podcast. You’ll get to hear their expert takes on the latest in business, technology, and of course, memes. They are a brilliant group of people, so why they invited me on as their guest is unclear.”

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Mad Money Podcast with Jim Cramer

Host: Jim Cramer

Cramer is listeners’ personal guide through the confusing jungle of Wall Street investing, navigating through opportunities and pitfalls with one goal in mind—to help you make money. “Mad Money” features the unmatched, fiery opinions of Jim Cramer and the popular Lightning Round, in which he gives his buy, sell and hold opinions on stocks to callers.

This one is very popular and we might get some SEO from including it; but it’s a low priority. 

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Best Homebuying and Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast

Host: David Greene and Rob Abasolo

Co-hosts David Greene and Rob Abasolo interview real estate investors and entrepreneurs about successes, failures, and hard-earned lessons. Through in-depth conversations, 1-on-1 listener coaching calls, and news analysis, you’ll get a breakdown of real strategies that work for different niches and experience levels. 

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Tax Smart Real Estate Investors Podcast


The Tax Smart Real Estate Investors Podcast is a show that focuses on tax, accounting, and finance tips for real estate investors and business owners. Hear guests to talk through complex topics and learn bite-sized chunks of real estate investing knowledge.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Rental Income Podcast with Dan Lane

Host: Dan Lane

Inspiring interviews with everyday people that are generating passive income by investing in rental properties.

On each episode, hear a landlord talk about how they found and purchased their rental properties, how they financed them, and issues they face with property management, and managing tenants.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

The Short Term Show

Host: Avery Carl

This show is about short-term rental and long-term wealth. Hosted by Avery Carl, a short term rental expert who started with 1 property and turned it into 42 in a matter of 5 years. Avery brings on real property owners hosting real properties and crushing it in the short term rental space.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Real Estate Strategies with Ken McElroy

Host: Ken McElroy

Your weekly meet-up where real estate entrepreneur and CEO Ken McElroy shares his personal experiences and the strategies he’s implemented throughout his career. Each week, Ken and his co-host Danille delve into a wide range of topics related to real estate, including entrepreneurship, current events and their impact on investors, the investor’s mindset, and the best practices for a thriving business. 

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Master Passive Income Real Estate Investing

Host: Dustin Heiner

Dustin Heiner from the Master Passive Income Podcast reveals his real estate investing business and strategies he used to quit his job at the age of 37. Discover how you can create your own real estate investing business from scratch so you can live the dream life and do what you love.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Best Financial Independence Podcasts

Podcast Money Cafe 1

Our Rich Journey Podcast

Host: Amon & Christina

On this question-and-answer-based podcast, Amon & Christina, who retired before the age of 40, answer all of your early retirement, investing money, saving money, and making money questions.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Friends on FIRE


Two friends on a mission to get friends to talk about money, sharing their FIRE journeys, personal finance advice, and frugal tips.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Choose FI

Hosts: Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett

Jonathan & Brad explore the tactics of financial independence. They discuss reducing expenses, crushing debt, tax optimization, building passive income streams through online businesses and real estate and how to travel the world for free. Every episode is packed with actionable tips and no topic is too big or small as long as it speeds up the process of reaching financial independence.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Financial Independence Podcast – The Mad Fientist


The Mad Fientist interviews personal-finance icons like Mr. Money Mustache, Ramit Sethi, and JL Collins to discover the strategies they used to achieve financial independence and retire early. Learn about investing, tax avoidance, entrepreneurship, travel hacking, real estate, and all things related to financial independence and early retirement.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Marriage Kids & Money

Host: Andy Hill

Each week, Andy Hill interviews millionaire parents, couples who have reached financial independence, and financial industry experts, uncovering easy-to-understand information and actionable takeaways you can use to give your family the life they deserve.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Best Money and Economy News Podcasts

The Peter Schiff Show

Host: Peter Schiff

Hear weekly economic data analysis and unbiased coverage of financial news, both in the U.S. and global markets from economist, financial broker/dealer, and author, Peter Schiff.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website


Host: Stephanie Flanders

A podcast hosted by Bloomberg Economics head Stephanie Flanders—the former BBC economics editor and chief market strategist for Europe at JPMorgan Asset Management—combining reports from Bloomberg journalists around the world and conversations with internationally respected experts on these and other issues to bring the global economy to life.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Macro Voices

Host: Erik Townsend

Weekly market commentary by Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend and interviews with the brightest minds in the world of finance and macroeconomics.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Forward Guidance

Host: Jack Farley

Jack Farley interviews the brightest minds in finance about which asset classes they think will thrive in the financial future that they envision.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Finance Explained by Family Finance Mom

Host: Meghan

Helping women everywhere build financial literacy and make better decisions for themselves, their families and their futures. Finance Explained brings you the financial and economic news you need each week, along with an explanation of what it all means in a way everyone can understand, and more importantly, why it matters to you.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

The Market Huddle

Hosts: Kevin Muir and Patrick Ceresna

Two traders discuss the week’s action in the markets – always keeping the other’s feet to the fire for bad calls – yet hopefully having some fun while learning a little something in the process.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

The Macro Trading Floor

Hosts: Alfonso Peccatiello and Andreas Steno Larsen

Every week, one of the best worldwide macro investors joins this unique show to talk about the economy, markets and elaborate the next big actionable macro trade.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

Best ‘Science of Money’ Podcasts

Odd Lots: Bloomberg Finance Talk

Hosts: Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway

Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway analyze the weird patterns, the complex issues and the newest market crazes.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

The Psychology of Money Podcast

Host: Tamasin Thomas

Matters of money are difficult in relationships. Tamasin Thomas combines the world of psychology and money to illuminate what’s happening below the surface and explore why fights about money are rarely about money.

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube | Website

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  1. Me: always running, not walking, to recommend the Rational Reminder podcast.

    It’s by far my favourite finance podcast by two portfolio managers, though they are very mindful of not promoting their own business and doing this podcast for the greater good. It can go very deep on theory and research, but I learn from those episodes even if I don’t understand everything, and then they also talk about goal setting, decision making, etc. It provides much deeper expertise on finance than many of the other podcasts I’ve found and I love recommending it.

  2. Avatar for Edward Edward says:

    Thank you! I will add it to our podcast list. This one sounds great and I look forward to checking it out.

  3. Avatar for Edward Edward says:

    Fantastic @MarcC! I will add both of these to our podcast list. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for sharing @Edward… Can’t wait to check these out!!

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