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Program Offer from 02/01/23 – 01/30/24

Sign up for your unique personal link below. When someone you refer subscribes, we’ll automatically give them $10 off their annual subscription for the first year, and we’ll give you a $15 cash commission.

It’s quick and easy to sign up:

  • Join: Sign up by filling out this form.
  • Refer: Share your unique referral link with your friends, coworkers, and community.
  • Earn! Get a $15 cash reward for everyone who subscribes to Tiller with your link. 

Tips for Success

When you share Tiller, you’re probably not doing it just to make money – you’re doing it to help others feel better about their finances.  

After all, uncertainty about money has long been a leading source of stress in the US. (Even before rising expenses and inflation.) 

Tiller is designed to help people reduce that uncertainty, and feel more informed, confident, and in control of their financial lives. 

About Tiller

Tiller is the only automated service based on Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. It’s the money management tool of choice for savvy spreadsheet fans. 

But Tiller is just as popular with non-spreadsheet nerds – people who simply need an easier, more flexible, more private (and less spammy) tool for managing their money. 

Indeed, Tiller is one of the top personal finance services in the U.S., with a 4.8-star rating from over 100k+ installations. People rate Tiller highly for: 

  • Keeping all their finances from all their accounts updated in one place
  • Easy pre-built templates for tracking expenses, budgets, net worth, and debt payoff
  • Endless customization and flexibility
  • No ads and powerful privacy
  • Helpful, U.S.-based customer support 

Where to share Tiller

Your link makes it easy to share Tiller and earn everywhere. 

You can email it to friends, family, colleagues, and your various interest groups. Share it in forums where you’re active. Post it on social media, or even include it in your bio on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other networks. 

Or mention your link in your TikToks, reels, and YouTube videos along with a caption or URL sticker. If you record a video with your Refer a Friend link, let us know and we will share it with our audience!

Have a blog, podcast, or newsletter? Post your link there along with the reasons you love Tiller, and see how people sign up. 

Simple Program Terms

Tiller’s “Give $10, Get $15” Refer a Friend program is good until September 2023. Payout terms may be updated at Tiller’s discretion. If so, this post will be revised with new terms, along with Tiller’s Refer a Friend program dashboard in Rewardful. All payments are exclusively sent via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to receive payment.

Have Questions or Feedback?

If you have questions, please email referrals@tillerhq.com, or post them in this thread in the Tiller Community.