Tiller Community Recognitions – October 2022 Update!

A mid-October shout-out to all who make the Tiller Community an engaging and welcoming place, with special recognition for our Community superheroes.


I want to give a mid-October shout-out to all of you who make this community an engaging and welcoming place. Thanks to some of you for sharing what’s befuddling you and to others for offering answers to the befuddled.

We are especially grateful for our Super Heros, this community’s most active and knowledgeable contributors:

In particular, hats off to @brad.warren who has sustained Super Hero honors for a record 11 consecutive months! Thanks for all you do, Brad.

Also, congratulations to @jpfieber for reaching his 9th consecutive month. We are sending you a gift certificate for $100 per the Super Hero Rewards program. Thanks also, Joseph, for your continued active support and improvements to your many Sheets & Excel templates.

Thanks again, everyone!

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  1. What are the advanced tools that are only available using a code?

  2. Avatar for randy randy says:

    We use them to develop and test new features and templates.

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