Tiller Labs Add-on for Google Sheets​

Install the free Tiller Labs add-on and easily add new templates and tools to your Tiller Money Feeds-powered spreadsheets.

How the Tiller Labs Add-on Works

1. Start with a Tiller Money-powered Google spreadsheet.

2. Install the Tiller Labs Add-on from the G Suite store.

3. Browse Tiller Labs solutions from the sidebar in Google Sheets.

Browse Tiller Labs solutions:

Yearly Budget Google Sheets

Yearly Budget for Google Sheets​

A free Yearly Budget powered by the Tiller Feeds Add-on. See budged and actual cashflow month-to-month for 12 months, based on customizable categories.
Debt Snowball 2019

Debt Snowball Spreadsheet​​

Target any kind of debt, track progress toward your debt freedom date, and know what you can afford to pay. All in Google Sheets, updated daily with the Tiller Money Feeds Add-on.

Net Worth Tracker For Google Sheets​​

The most important metrics driving your net worth have never been easier to track in a spreadsheet. See everything from current cash on hand to the value of assets and the impact of liabilities.
What is Tiller Labs?

Tiller Labs is a playground for the team at Tiller to build experimental spreadsheet solutions.

About Tiller Labs

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