Use Our “Raw Data” Template if You Want Tiller Data Feeds and Nothing Extra

Our Raw Data template pulls in your transactions and balance history, but doesn’t include any formulas or reports, allowing you to experiment with building your own reports and dashboards.

We’re excited to release two new templates that make it easy to build and experiment with new Tiller Sheets. Read more about the Raw Data template below or get details about the Build Your Own template here.

The Raw Data template is the most stripped down template we offer. It does not include any formulas or reports. It’s for those who only want transaction and balance history data pulled into a Tiller Sheet. Use this template to experiment with building your own financial worksheet from scratch.

This template includes nearly all of our supported columns (read more on those here) and allows you to dig into manipulating your financial data without the constraints of pre-populated formulas or analysis.


  • Transactions tab updated daily
  • Balance History tab updated daily
  • Pre-populated with nearly all of Tiller’s supported transaction and balance tab columns

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