2019 Tax Brackets Spreadsheet

Here's a simple Google Spreadsheet of the new 2019 tax brackets announced by the IRS.

We created a simple Google Spreadsheet of the new 2019 tax brackets announced by the IRS.

These are the numbers you’ll use for your 2019 tax returns in 2020. The income ranges have changed a bit, but otherwise, these numbers are similar to last year’s numbers.

Assuming you’re not expecting any major changes in 2019, these numbers can help estimate your liability. If you are planning on major changes like getting married, starting a business, or having a baby (big year!) you may want to adjust your withholding or updating your estimated tax payments.

You can find the new withholding calculator on the IRS website here.

Grab the spreadsheet here. The spreadsheet is very simple – just a copy of the data available in this IRS document. You can see a simple overview from Taxfoundation.org.

Get the simple 2019 tax bracket spreadsheet here. Copy the sheet and use it in your own spreadsheet experiments and calculations. As always, we’d love to see how you use the data.

2019 Tax Brackets Spreadsheet

How to copy the spreadsheet into Google Drive, or download to your computer

2019 Tax Brackets Spreadsheet
  1. Open the tax bracket spreadsheet
  2. In the menu, click File 
    and then
     Make a copy.
  3. Type a name and choose where to save it.
  4. Click Ok.

Download a copy of a file

  1. Open the tax bracket spreadsheet
  2. At the top, click File 
    and then
     Download as.
  3. Choose a file type. The file will download onto your computer.
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