Extend Your Spreadsheets with Tiller Community Solutions

Get a jump on your personal finances with spreadsheet templates collaboratively designed by the Tiller Community.

Tiller is the only personal finance service built on Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. 

Each day Tiller automatically updates your spreadsheets with your latest finances, so you can easily see everything in one place and manage your money, your way. 

With spreadsheets, you have unlimited flexibility for tracking your money. But all those choices can be daunting. It’s often faster and easier to start with a pre-built template. 

There are thousands of excellent, free spreadsheet templates for virtually every task. Many can be made to work with Tiller Money Feeds. However, this typically requires extensive customization.

It’s faster to get started with a template you already know is compatible with Tiller. The Foundation Template is officially supported by Tiller’s top-rated success team. It can track your spending, net worth, and budgets. 

But what if you want to do more – for example, project your retirement savings, analyze your expense categories, or plan your debt payoff strategy? 

Tiller Community to the rescue 

Category Tracker for

To help you more easily accomplish your financial goals, the Tiller Community has collaboratively designed dozens of Tiller-compatible personal finance templates. 

Most were designed for Google Sheets, but a growing number are now available for Excel. Because this is a community-driven effort, new templates and updates are posted weekly. 

Browse all Tiller Community templates.

Installing a Tiller Community template 

How you install a Tiller Community template depends on your spreadsheet platform.

For Google Sheets 

Most of the Google Sheets templates in the Tiller Community Solutions Gallery can be installed with the Tiller Community Solutions add-on

However, some Google Sheets templates and workflows shared in the Tiller Community can only be downloaded directly from the Community. Browse the “Show and Tell” category for Google Sheets. 

For Microsoft Excel

Currently there isn’t yet an add-in for installing Community Templates directly into your Excel workbooks. You can download Excel templates directly from the Show & Tell category for Microsoft Excel here.

Tiller Community templates are free

While Tiller Community Templates are free to use, they’re designed for spreadsheets automated by Tiller. Additionally, they are recommended for use within the Foundation Template.

Tiller Community template support

All templates, tools, and workflows available in the Tiller Community and installed via the Tiller Community Solutions add-on are built and supported by the Tiller Community. Our support team via chat/email cannot help with these solutions. 

You can often reach out to the template designer for help in the Tiller Community.
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