Resources for Building Your Own Automated Financial Dashboard in Google Sheets with Tiller Money

With Google Sheets powered by Tiller Money, you can easily build your own automated, powerful personal finance dashboards.

With Google Sheets powered by Tiller Money, you can easily build your own automated, powerful personal finance dashboards.

At Tiller, we chose to focus on making spreadsheets easier to use, rather than building yet another financial app.

That’s because modern spreadsheets already offer excellent power, flexibility, and data security for managing money. And unlike other tools, spreadsheets are endlessly customizable. 


In fact, “customization” is one of the top reasons Tiller customers say they use the service, along with “saves time” and “brings my finances together in one place.”

Here are a few tips and resources to build and customize your own Google spreadsheets powered by Tiller Money.

First, how Tiller Money works

Tiller Money automatically updates Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel with your daily spending, account balances, and other transactions. Here’s how to get started:

  • Sign up for a Tiller Money subscription (completely free for 30 days)
  • Securely authenticate your banks, credit cards, brokerages, and other accounts. 
  • Install the Tiller Money Feeds Add-on for Google Sheets. 
  • Use the add-on to link your financial sources directly to any Google spreadsheet. 
  • Your daily transactions and balances will now automatically update in your spreadsheet.
  • Use Autocat to automatically categorize transactions according to your rules.  
  • You can also get a daily email summary of your balances and transactions.

Start with the Foundation Template for Google Sheets

To see how Tiller Money works, we recommend getting started with the Foundation Template. You’ll see how accounts are linked, how transactions are imported, and how categories work. 

The Foundation Template also includes a monthly budget sheet, yearly budget sheet, and quick financial insights.

It’s easy to customize and do more with your Foundation Template by adding prebuilt reports from Tiller Labs. For example, you can add an Available Spending Money Report or a Debt Tracker in just a couple of clicks.

You can also start from a fresh new Google Sheet

Simply install Tiller Money Feeds into a brand-new, blank Google Sheet and build your own dashboard from scratch.

Use custom reports and charts, favorite formulas, and preferred add-ons to create an automated financial spreadsheet that’s perfect for you.


Resources for building your financial dashboard powered by Tiller Money

+ Read “Getting started with Tiller Money Feeds.”
+ Read “Customizing and Optimizing Your Spreadsheet.”
+ Learn how the Transactions and Balance History sheets work.
+ Review the Tiller’s Template Builder’s Reference in the Tiller Money Community.
+ Use the Google Sheet Santitizier to anonymize your personal data.  
+ You can also use the Santitizier to get sample financial data.

Learn and Share in the Tiller Money Community

The Tiller Money Community is the ultimate resource for building personal finance dashboards powered by Tiller Money Feeds.

Get inspired, see what others have built, share your solutions, and ask and answer questions. See you there!

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