Introducing the New Tiller Console

Introducing an updated version of the Tiller Console, built on an updated framework with several new features we think you’ll love.

Introducing an updated version of the Tiller Console, built on an updated framework with several new features we think you’ll love,

As we work toward our top goals of improving our bank data feeds and onboarding experience, there were some infrastructural changes and upgrades we needed to make to pave the way for those improvements. One of which was upgrading the technology running behind the Tiller Console.

You should find that the new Console is more responsive and mobile friendly.

What is the Tiller Console?

Tiller Console 2023 detail

The Tiller Console is where you:

  • Get started with Tiller
  • Securely authenticate, refresh, and manage your bank connections
  • Link your bank feeds to your Google and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Manage your email preferences
  • Access your Tiller subscription billing preferences

Accessing the Tiller Console

You can access the new Tiller Console at https://my.tillerhq.com. The old URL will redirect to this new URL for a while, but we recommend bookmarking this new URL. 

Changes from the Previous Experience

User Profile Menu

You’ll now find a few links under your user profile icon in the top right including Subscription, Settings, Help Center, and Log out.

You can find the daily email opt-in switch under the Settings area. Settings will also host other configuration items as we continue iterating and releasing features.

daily email

Subscription allows you to make changes to your payment information and access other billing details. The Help Center option takes you straight to the Tiller Help Center.

Compact Linked Sheets

We’ve cleaned up the UI a bit to reduce the space used by the Linked Sheets area. Clicking a sheet’s name expands the accordion for more information and options. You can create a new spreadsheet from this area now as well, rather than it having its own separate section.

Account Summary Improvements

The Connected Account Summary has a couple improvements, the most exciting of which is probably the display of account balances for easier account balance viewing while on the go.

Each institution will also display an indicator if an institution hasn’t refreshed recently. Yellow or red triangles if refreshes haven’t happened in more than 36 hours or a few days and green circles for recent refreshes in the last 36 hours. Lastly, the rename/nickname option has moved to the “Edit” menu for each account.

Since this new console is more mobile friendly, you can access it from your phone browser where you can refresh accounts and review balances on the go.

console mobile

Better Login Experience

We also improved the login experience for the Tiller Console. Now rather than being redirected to our main website (tillerhq.com) if you’re logged out, you’ll just be prompted to log back in to the Tiller Console. That crosses off this feature request from a community member.

Quick Community Access

And while it’s a small one, we also crossed off two other feature requests by adding a link to the Tiller Community at the bottom of the Tiller Console.

Share Your Feedback!

We hope you’ll enjoy the new Tiller Console as much as we enjoyed reviewing your feedback and working with our beta group to test and improve it. Feel free to chime in via the community (comments below) and/or add a feature request in the Tiller Community if you have ideas on how to improve the Tiller Console.

Keep in mind there are already a few feature requests for improvements that you can vote for here. Please be sure your request doesn’t already exist before adding it. Note that you must be signed in to the Tiller Community to access that page.

If you find a bug or run into an issue with the new Tiller Console, please use the chat tool in the lower right corner to let us know and we’ll reply soon to help.

Heather Phillips

Heather Phillips

Heather comes from a background of user experience design & customer support. She loves helping others learn, explore and discover better ways to use applications and products that improve their lives. When she’s not coaching customers on Tiller best practices, tweeting or writing blogs, she’s probably at a yoga class, out for a hike in the Blue Ridge, or off volunteering for a variety of non-profits.

Notable Replies

  1. Like the new Tiller console.

  2. If you click on the linked spreadsheet at the top of the page, you get a dropdown and then click on open and you will be in your spreadsheet and you can go to your networth tab.

  3. @heather, the new console looks good!!

    I love the feature added to display the last known balance of each Account.

    But, it would be great, if we just mask the balances by default and have the values displayed upon selecting a toggle button.

    Specially, when we explain someone else about Tiller, I don’t want to show them my actual balances.

    I’ve added a topic in the Feature Request for the same.
    Hope this is a simple enough feature to add!!

  4. Agree the new console works well. Also want to agree that balances don’t need to be on here, my POV - console is for making sure that all the data is moving as expected and there are no hold ups. Target spreadsheets are for seeing the data, console is more for monitoring and managing.
    A feature to hide values on console would be great.

  5. We’ve got this feature request prioritized and hopefully we’ll be able to push the ability to toggle those balances on/off soon!

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