How Tiller Works

Tiller connects your banks to your spreadsheets and automatically tracks your daily spending, income, and balances in easy, customizable templates.

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“I’ve been using Tiller for nearly 3 years now, and it is hands-down best, most flexible solution for my home financial management. You can use the Foundation Template as is and keep it simple, or choose from an endless variety of add-ons and options to customize.”
★★★★★ Lisa Lea Alexander
Google Review February 29, 2024

Getting Started With Tiller


Connect Your Accounts

Securely authenticate your accounts in Tiller’s Console. Tiller never sees or stores your bank login details.


Link Your Spreadsheets

You can connect your accounts to both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel at the same time.


Import Your Transactions

All your spending, income, and transfers flow into a unified transactions sheet.


Tiller Features

Everything you need to keep in sync with your financial life and manage your money, your way

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Automatic Categorization

Save time and automatically organize your finances with custom rules set by you


Top-Rated Customer Support

Tiller’s support includes a dedicated customer success team, helpful user Community, and extensive Help Docs.

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Hello, Money

See all the latest activity across all your accounts in a quick daily email.

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Tiller Community Solutions

Extend your Foundation Template and gain deeper insights with free templates contributed by the Tiller Community.

Customize everything and manage your money, your way

Create your own categories and categorization rules. Build custom reports. Choose your favorite fonts and colors. Make Tiller yours.

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Also included with Tiller

Tiller is a complete personal finance service based in your own private spreadsheets:

Builder Friendly

Build your own custom financial dashboard powered by Tiller

Portfolio Tracking (beta)

Coming soon: grow your wealth and track investments.

“My favorite way to manage my income and expenses. Tiller does everything my family needs and it continues to grow and expand.”

Jacob Pohlman, ★★★★★, Google Review, November 3 2023

“This is the best financial tracker. The possibilities are endless. Support and community is fantastic. And there’s no learning curve.”

Kenda Carlson, ★★★★★ Google Review October 17 2023

“I love having all my financial accounts in one place. Being able to customize my categories helps me pinpoint how I manage my money.”

Sarah Jamieson, ★★★★★ Google Review, October 27, 2023

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"There isn’t another tool on the market that does what Tiller can do.”
Will Hinton, Google Review October 30, 2023